CHS Football


Aniya Bryant, Writer

The Cartersville High School Football team is one of the greatest! CHS football players practice Monday thru Thursday after school and have a game every Friday. The football coaches must check the weather for every football game; usually, the game is canceled depending on how bad it is if it rains. If you ever need information about football games, you can talk to the coaches. To play football, you must have good grades. Football changes a perspective on a person. They put in the effort at practice and then have fun at the game. Most likely, if you played football since middle school, they would put you on the team for high school. Football teaches football players something: teamwork and setting your goals, and maybe even a little maturity. CHS football players take their games seriously; we have lost one game. The coaches can tell you how much fun it is watching the boys grow and have fun with this sport from freshman to senior year.