Olive Tree & Vine


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Bottle of Olive oil pouring in a glass bowl with olives and branch

Darby Cash

Olive Tree & Vine has many different aspects to its business. There is wine, many oils, vinegars, and coffee. In the coffee house there is even an open mic! The owners of this establishment are Jennifer and Mark Smith. Jennifer and Mark have been married for almost thirty years and have four children together, who all happen to work in some part of the family business. They opened Olive Tree & Branch with the idea that “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Jennifer has worked in some sort of direct customer service her whole life; this was just something to add to the list. Mark’s job was also based around service, seeing as he was a telecommunications instructor.

They always knew that they wanted to be entrepreneurs, and loved coffee, so they figured why not open a coffee shop? They visited just about every local coffee shop at the places they vacationed. They decided it was time for the leap of faith in 2014. At the time they didn’t think the coffee shop idea was quite ready, so they thought of something they had encountered while vacationing, an olive oil and vinegar shop. Once the decision was final, the doors soon opened, and they introduced Olive Tree & Vine to West Cobb. Within a year and a half of their first opening, Mark felt as though he was being led to Cartersville. He then found a location roughly three times the size of their first shop, and they knew that the coffee shop they had dreamed of could finally come to life. Then, in March of 2016, Olive Tree & Vine Cartersville, and Southern Muggs Coffee shop was born. To this day you can meet any one of the family members anytime you walk in. They love to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible, so they are always there to answer any questions.