The 2020 Football Games


Chesney Stanley, Writer

The 2020 football games are very different from the previous year’s games. Students are required to wear masks and social distance. Also, a limited number of tickets were sold in advance to ensure that everyone was safe from the Coronavirus. Usually, after the games, students can go on the field and take pictures or talk to their friends, but this was also not allowed. Cartersville High School tried their best to keep the crowd from getting sick, and many say they succeeded.

A 9th-grade student said that she was “kind of nervous about going, but once [she] got there, [she] realized how safe it was.”

A word from one of the football players was, ” it was so exciting seeing the crowd still cheering us while going through this tough time.”

Cartersville High was the winning team for this game, and hopefully, it stays this way. A football player said they have no insight into if the student section will be socially distanced even after everyone returns to school. Whether or not these safety measures happen, they will need to be seen.