New Cafeteria


Tyler Phillips, Writer

C.H.S. (Cartersville High School) has a new cafeteria that was even bigger than the last one. That can cause a lot of problems with fighting, crowd control, anxiety, etc. It can also cause some good currently. Now that the new cafeteria is built, we can no longer eat in our study hall classrooms, where I got most of my work done. But eating in the lunchroom is a constant that I have been used to since middle school. I am saying I liked eating in my study hall because it was not as crowded, and I do not like big crowds. My opinion of the new cafeteria is mixed because I do not like change, and I like eating in my study hall. My minor reason for not liking the new cafeteria is fighting, now the cafeteria is bigger now it will be harder to control bullying of any kind or fighting. There have already been things going around the cafeteria that got a whole group of kids in trouble. The crowd control of the cafeteria is mass hysteria that shoots my anxiety levels sky high. But with the New cafeteria I do get to have lunch with my friends. The cafeteria food is like most cafeteria food from the Cartersville schools, it is always the same every day except for special occasions, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, etc. To get in the door for lunch is like Black Friday, there are always so many people trying to get in the door.