Reviewing Cartersville High School’s Sweet Tea

Reviewing Cartersville High Schools Sweet Tea

Jacqueline Vargas, Writer

There is nothing better than drinking an ice-cold glass of sweet tea on a hot sunny day. Moreover, when you have gone through an exhausting day of school, it is nice to have a glass of good southern tea. At my high school, you can purchase a cup of sweet tea for the price of one dollar. However, does the cheap price match the quality and taste of the beverage in question?

Firstly, let’s explain the origin of sweet tea. The first known recipe for sweet tea is in a cook book called, Housekeeping in Old Virginia. However, the recipe used green tea which was more common back in the 1800s. Then at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, sweet tea was put on the market and sold to thousands of customers. It was said to have been very hot during that summer which is what drew customers to the ice cold beverage. From there black tea became a staple in American culture, and you find find it almost anywhere.

Cartersville High School’s cafeteria had a grand reopening about three months ago, so one would expect its food and beverages to increase in quality. Personally, I like my sweet tea overly sweet. So, when I first tried it, I was pleasantly surprised by its taste. It was bland but had hints of sweetness here and there. The amount of ice in the cup made it the perfect ice-cold temperature. But after a while, the taste goes away and it tastes unsweet. Overall, I would give the drink a 6. It’s a great drink for the price but if I were to judge it solely based on the tea, it falls flat.

Surprisingly, I recommend Cartersville’s sweet tea. it’s one dollar and good for the price! However, if you’re having a sweet tooth, beware.