An Alternative to Air Pods


Sophie Rakita, Writer

The world of listening to music has changed a lot from when it could only be heard live to records to CDs to little iPods. Personally, I listen on JBL Tune 220TWS earbuds. They work very well for their price, especially compared to Air Pods. The earbuds come in a sleek off-white case that is textured yet smooth. They are sold by JBL, an audio company that sells an abundance of different listening modes.

Personally, I find these buds very enjoyable to use, but what do I listen to? I usually listen to indie, pop, pop-punk, and r&b. There are some genres that I have not listened to, such as rap, country, and hard/metal rock. However, I do not doubt these buds make anything sound good. I also listen at half-volume most of the time since I am in school. So, if the music sounds good and loud and isn’t being heard by anyone and it’s only one bud, then this product has potential.

These earbuds have positives and negatives but let me expand on the good stuff. For example, the bass is easy to feel, and the sound is very well distributed, especially with both earbuds in. Also, they have unexpected durability. I only know this due to recent incidents involving using these earbuds. Soon after I got them, one had a water incident and still works great.

Now the negatives. Obviously, these are not Air Pods. This can be a worry for some, especially one who might be money conscious or worried about appearances. Some people might also have differently shaped ears, and some earbuds are more comfortable. Structurally, they also have some issues. It can be said that they are too bulky or that the case opens too easily, but these earbuds have more positives than negatives.

Overall, if one is looking for an affordable pair of wireless earbuds, these should fit the bill. Now, I don’t have all the experience in the world when it comes to earbuds, but I can stand behind this pair of buds.