Home Alone Movie Review


Lily McWhorter, Writer

What would you do if you were left home alone while your family was on holiday vacation? Sit around and eat ice cream, watch movies, jump on beds, scare pizza deliverers, go grocery shopping, and catch two burglars?

Home Alone is a 1990 film, directed by Chris Colombus. Home Alone is a great holiday comedy but loved year-round.

The movie starts when the entire McCallister family is getting ready for their family vacation to Paris, but problems the night before leaving Kevin sleeping upstairs by himself the night before they leave. Throughout the night, the power goes out, causing the family to be very frantic and rush the next morning. In the confusion of getting to the airport, Kevin is accidentally left behind. Kevin wakes up home alone and is overjoyed but instantly scared by his neighbor and burglars. To send them away, he tricks them into thinking his family is still home. Mid-flight, the family realizes they have left Kevin home, but when they arrive in Paris, there are no flights back. The family gets settled in Paris, but Kevin’s mom, Kate stays at the airport and manages to get a flight back to the United States but does not make it far after that. A small-time band offers Kate a ride with them in their van, which she gratefully accepts. Meanwhile, Kevin overhears the burglars, Harry, and Marv discussing their plan to rob his house on Christmas Eve. With this news, Kevin prepares his house to take on the burglars. As they arrive, Harry and Marv move around the house and face many injuries from the traps Kevin has left. When they finally get in, Kevin has left to call 911, and soon after the police arrive and take the burglars away knowing all the houses they have hit. Kevin is disappointed when he wakes up on Christmas morning and his family is still not home. Soon after this, he sees his mom and instantly runs to hug her. Moments after the rest of his family, who waited in Paris, walked in the door.

Throughout the movie, we watch Kevin grow from a stubborn little boy into a young man who really does care about the world around him. Kevin is the youngest sibling, and the life of the youngest sibling is made so realistic through his life. We all know what it feels like, being pushed around by older siblings, and not getting the type of pizza you want. This is shown beautifully throughout the movie.

I love this movie because every time I watch it, something new stands out. You always remember scenes with Kevin and the burglars, but all the characters have moments of their own. I love how the author did this because, as I rewatch the movie I notice these increasingly more.

The entire cast plays their character roles so well throughout the movie it makes the movie even more exciting. Harry and Marv play their partner roles so well together, you are given the dumb and dumber dynamic. Harry thinks through his ideas, but Marv just goes for it. This duo keeps you laughing the entire movie. Kevin’s mother, Kate, stays frantic about leaving her son, showing you what a mother would really be like. As well, Kevin’s dad, Peter, tries to keep the family calm and be the protector of everyone. Lastly, Kevin and his brother, Buzz provide a great brotherly bond. The two are always annoying each other, but deep-down love each other very much. The cast of the movie plays their roles lovely and allows you to make connections from their family to yours.

Sometimes, you may find yourself wanting to skip the church scene between Kevin and his neighbor. If you really pay attention to what is said between the two it is such a heartfelt message. This scene also provides you with the idea that you cannot judge somebody by what they look like, or what has been said about them, but not proven to be true.

Home Alone are decades old, but the film will always be a holiday must be watched. It is a film you must rewatch every year. Even after the fifth time, you will find yourself laughing at the same things.