Dear Chip #16: “It Is Okay Not to be Okay”

Dear Chip #16:

Dear chip.


I always seem so moody. Not like be sad and grumpy, just being short with people on accident. Lots of “I guess” and “ok?”. I don’t do it on purpose, it just happens. I don’t want someone to take offense to it and be mad at me. Is there anything I can do?



Confused Child,



Dear, Confused child

As a freshman in high school, I also feel this way many days. I sometimes catch myself doing it, and I’m getting better at being able to control it, and here is how I do it; you only live once, so why sit around being gloomy when there is a whole world outside? You never know when your last day will be; please don’t take it for granted. You and your loved ones are not promised tomorrow.  It is okay not to be okay, I feel that you might need to find yourself again, and that’s okay! Take some time to do the things you love and become a better version of yourself, and when you do, it will feel amazing! You can do this. You are extremely capable and worthy! I hope this helps.