Dear Chip #38: You Do Not Owe Him Anything

Dear Chip #38: You Do Not Owe Him Anything

Dear Chip,

I am coming to you for help about a person who has consistently thirsted after me. This guy, let’s call him Randy, has been somewhat of a nuisance in my life. He is in my grade, and we met last school year. Randy told me he liked me last summer, and I turned him down. Even though I enjoyed talking to him last year, he had just become annoying this year. He started texting me every night and kept texting when I didn’t respond, although that has stopped recently. It probably has something to do with the fact that I have ghosted him for a while now. If you got rejected, you would back off a little, right? He even got me a pretty thoughtful Christmas present that had a very confessional letter in it. He also said he is planning something for Valentine’s. How do I clarify to Randy that I am not interested and that he needs to stop trying because it feels really bothersome at this point?



Dear sandy,

GIrlll that seems like an impossibly tough situation to be in. I can’t even imagine how stressful this is for you. The fact that you have told him no multiple times and he continued the behavior shows his immaturity and his lack of respect. As a high schooler, you shouldn’t have to subject yourself to that type of behavior. His behavior is becoming borderline creepy and seems as if it will only progressively get worse as time passes. Honestly, I think that the only way to go about it is to let him know straight up how you feel one last time and if he continues to not respect you or your decision block him. I know that this might be hard to do because of your friendship but it seems as if his numerous attempts to swoon you have taken a toll on your friendship anyway. This would be beneficial to both parties. Without a way to contact you outside of school he may find a way to begin to move on, and being away from him should give you a much-needed break from his drama. I know at our age kids love to “ship” two friends and encourage people to date but if this is not what you want do not force yourself to feel anything. Just remember that you do not owe him anything, whatever you decide is your decision. If he is not okay with that decision that is on him.

Sincerely, Chip