Dear Chip #29: I Wish You the Best Luck

Dear Chip #29: I Wish You the Best Luck

Dear Chip,

How do you deal with the whole losing friends aspect of high school? I know it’s a very common event that happens in high school, friendships ending and all. However, just because it’s common doesn’t get rid of the bitter feeling of the situation. I recently lost a friend and I feel like this friendship just slipped out of my hands like sand, and everything just seems a bit gloomy right now.

I know it was best for us to part ways, and I don’t have any intention of reconciling with them. However, I would like some advice on how to move forward and start feeling better after this kind of situation.




Dear Gloom

Losing friends is a natural part of life, people come and go, and we also come and go in other people’s life. Some paths are meant to be walked alone, and maybe you might think “who am I to say this”, but I have too lost my friends and then I transferred schools and had to restart the journey on re making friends and finding a so called “group.” I also noticed how you said that bitterness feeling, if your friend slipped out of your hands so easily, and she herself didn’t make the effort to reconcile with you, unfortunately she never cared enough for the friendship. You also said that you have no intention with reconciling with them, so I think that you should move on, you have so much of your life ahead of you, and yet so many people to meet, I wish you the best luck.

Sincerely, Chip