Dear Chip #30: I’m Not Ready for My Childhood to be Over

Dear Chip #30: Im Not Ready for My Childhood to be Over

Dear Chip,

Senior year and is only five months away from being over, and I see all these other people around me that have already applied for several colleges, and I haven’t even applied. I know I must but every time I try to think about it or do it, I panic and just end up procrastinating it till “next week,” which then turns into next month and I’m scared that it’s going to turn into next year. I know the reason why I do this, it’s because I’m terrified. I don’t know the first thing about college or what classes to take or what classes are required to graduate. Another reason I’m scared is because I’m not ready for my childhood to be over. After I graduate high school, that’s it, I’m on my own. I have to find a better job and do taxes and how the hell do you do taxes? I don’t know what a W2 is or how to apply for an apartment. I can tell you that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell but when it comes to any of the other stuff I’m completely and utterly lost. Maybe I’m thinking a little too far into the future but what I’m trying to say is that I just need a little advice on the future and how, in this crazy world we live in now, do I handle the future.

Sincerely, Terrified



Dear Terrified,

I immediately reacted to this because I am going through the same thing. The future is slowly but surely dawning upon us, and there is no way we can stop it. It’s inevitable; you must face what tomorrow offers no matter what you do. I know the next step may seem “scary,” but in all honesty, it’s just fear of the unknown holding you back. College sounds intimidating, but you must concentrate on the new and exciting adventures you will experience. College offers so many hidden opportunities to unlock your potential, from the classes you take to the activities you choose to do outside of school. However, to open this portion of your life, you must focus on the present and what you need to achieve this new lifestyle.

When I was applying for colleges, I made sure I was in a place where I focused. I completed about two applications in two hours in an environment like the one I described. I also found that analyzing the school’s specific application helped me finish the application faster. By analyzing the application, I thoroughly processed what I wanted to write about and how I would explain it (trust me, it helps). One of the most critical questions on my applications was what I planned to major in. This took some time to process since I was basically choosing my pathway for my entire college career. When it comes to choosing a major, it simply boils down to what you enjoy most; you should never enter a field you don’t love. The application process is tedious, but it doesn’t seem harsh with help from others who have actually completed it. The same concept applies when “starting out in the big world.”

You aren’t expected to know EVERYTHING once you turn eighteen. I understand why you think this; you are officially an adult and feel obligated to understand how the world works. Although, in all honesty, that’s just not how it is. Your parents didn’t know everything when THEY turned eighteen, so you aren’t expected too either. Your parents aren’t the only ones willing to help with this situation, but other adults are ready to help with this circumstance. You do not have to go through this alone.

Growing up is a weird thing, but it’s such a privilege. Remember when you were a child and always thought the older kids were “so much cooler” and were lucky to do things you couldn’t do? Well, now you are finally one of the older kids, and you don’t have to “throw away” your childhood just because you’re growing up. Your youth will always be with you, but now you just have one of the more admirable advantages: you can DO more.

Hope I helped! 🙂

Sincerely, Chip