Dear Chip #33: Keep Going

Dear Chip #33: Keep Going

Dear Chip,

I have a problem in my life. I feel as though I am stretched super thin over all the things I have to cover and do in the leading months. Between my dad being on my back about school and the personal ambitions I have to get done before this school year is even over, I feel like I am being stretched beyond my means but I don’t feel bad about it. I’m glad that I get to do it. My ambitions are not of a normal person’s but they are my own and I feel like I should strive for what I believe in and not let people get in my way. So Chip, should I let others distract me from my goals and the things I strive for or should I put my nose to the grind stone and work for myself so I can accomplish the things I want to accomplish?

Sincerely, Goal Seeker

Dear Goal Seeker,

Yes, the same thing is happening to me. It feels good to have someone to talk to about what I am going through. I will push myself till I bleed or pass out, then again. From my experience, if you really want to achieve your goals hyperfocus on them. That means setting your sights on them, nothing blocking your path, overcoming obstacles. Always remember that God is with you through everything. Recognize that you want your achievements to be as bad as you do, if you did not, you would not stretch yourself as much. Also do not extend yourself so far that mess up. Remember when you hit a setback do not let it or anyone break you down, keep going. Never stop till you reach your limits then break them. You are doing good with yourself, keep going.

Sincerely Chip