The Reality of Teenage Pregnancy and Motherhood

An Interview with Samantha Agnew, a Tiktok famous teen mother, on the reality of teen pregnancy and motherhood.


Maura Finnegan, Writer

Disclaimer: Teenage pregnancy is a worldwide phenomenon that accounts for millions of births each year[1]. Because of the heightened risk of medical complications resulting from teen pregnancy, as well as the oftentimes harmful economic and social consequences of teen pregnancy[2], experts in various fields try to monitor rates of teen pregnancy and promote prevention methods among adolescents around the world. Currently, teen pregnancy rates in the United States are at a record low[3]. Neither the author of this article nor Cartersville City Schools wish to condone or promote teen pregnancy or risky teen behavior in any way. This article merely seeks to shine light on a social phenomenon that occurs within every culture on earth. Thank you to Samantha Agnew for sharing her experiences and insights.

Samantha Agnew, Aka @vivis.mommy on the social media platform Tiktok, is a seventeen-year-old mother who has gained 12.2K followers on Tiktok where she posts videos with her six-month-old daughter.

When did you find out you were pregnant?

In the summer of 2019, when I was sixteen,


How did you and your boyfriend react to finding out you were pregnant?

I felt a lot of emotions but never felt upset or mad about it. I’d say more nervous and shocked than anything. After some time, I just felt very excited. I’d say my boyfriend felt the same. Mostly nervous. But he was nothing other than supportive from the second he found out.


How did your parents and your boyfriend’s parents react to finding out you were pregnant?

My mom was a teen mother as well so she knew it would do no good to be upset with us. Although she did stress to us that raising a baby would be a lot of responsibility, But as well as my boyfriend she was she was super supportive from the beginning. My dad isn’t really a huge part of my life so he just congratulated me & told me he loved me. Also told me not to let any hate get to me. My boyfriend’s mom was also a teen mom but i’d say she had some disappointment. Her initial response was “i thought you were on birth control”. But she also made sure we knew we had her support. His dad kind of had the same reaction as my mom. Told us it would be a huge responsibility (which we knew), but that we had his support as well.

I’d say overall everyone was very supportive. It was nothing like you see on television where young girls are getting kicked out because they got pregnant. Nothing like that at all.


Did you lose any friends?

That’s a hard one. I never had a huge friend group. I was civil with most people, but only hung out & trusted a few. Those people are still my friends, but the majority of acquaintances I had no longer talk to me.


Did you take any precautions to avoid pregnancy?

I was on the pill, but I was irresponsible when it came to taking it on time.


What made you “keep” the baby?

I guess I never really questioned whether or not I wanted to keep her. I knew she would have a good life & that her dad & I were very capable of providing for her.


When was your baby born, and what is her name.

My daughter Vivianne Rose Combs was born on April 8th, 2020.


Do your parents help you provide for the baby?

Yes, but their help is never asked for. They provide for her just as any grandparent would provide for their grandbaby. We would thrive without their help, but we appreciate it.


Have you/ Do you plan on finishing high school?

I actually graduated with my diploma from an online school in August of this year. Where as normally i’d be graduating next May!


Do you plan on going to college?

I do. I plan on going to an online university to get my bachelors degree, going to medical school, completing a residency, & becoming an obstetrician/gynecologist.


What are some of the challenges of being a teen mother?

I’d say a lot of my challenges aren’t much different from an older mom. Finding time to sleep, finding time to shower, and finding time to do chores. But being a teen mom, I do get a lot of hate sometimes and people definitely stereotype. Both of which are very mentally challenging. It was also pretty difficult trying to balance school and raising Vivianne.


How has the baby impacted you and your family?

She has affected my family in an amazing way! She brings so much happiness to everyone she’s around & everyone loves to be around her.


If you could, would you change anything?



What advice do you have for other people in your position?

Keep in mind that people who hate are jealous. Maybe not of your situation, but of your happiness. Prove people wrong!


What advice do you have for teen girls in general?

I think it’s totally normal to want to be intimate with your partner (as long as you’re BOTH ready). Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for that. However, you should be educated on birth control & be responsibly using it! Raising a child is the most difficult thing I have ever done. So while I wouldn’t change having Vivianne for the world, I don’t ever think teenagers should TRY to have a child.


Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to mention?

Age does not define the type of parent you are.



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