July Turner


Chesney Stanley, Writer

July Turner is a 22-year-old college student that has been born and raised in Cartersville, Georgia. He will graduate from KSU College this July of 2021 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management.  He is also a minor in Accounting and certified in the MEBUS (Music & Entertainment Business Program). July played all sports during High school but found his real love for music his senior year.




How long have you been a musician?

3 years


What made you start to get into music?

I got into music after taking guitar lessons my senior year. I realized I could sing and grew a passion more so for singing than I did playing. However I grew into both ventures pursuing to play full-time and make my living by playing guitar and releasing music. I also got into it because I wanted to be social and felt it was a great way to get a group of people together. I just really took passion into entertaining and making people happy through my God given talents.


What are your future goals as a musician?

My future goals as a musician is to take what I’m doing now to the next level. My main goal at this point is releasing my upcoming EP that will have 5 songs. Although, I might release them as singles. I have 3/5 done. I want to build a community, grow a fan base, pursue my passion of playing my own music, and buy a bunch of insane gear. I also want to produce my own and others music. I’m also an avid songwriter and love to write melodies and be weird. I love the lifestyle music has given me and I want to further grow into my own branding and sound.


How did corona affect your gigs/business plans?

Corona affected my EP mainly because the studio I was recording at shut down. It pushed my releases that my fan base thought was gonna be summer 2020 into the start of the new year January 2021. It also affected my business plans because a lot of gigs shut down and bars were closing their doors to live musicians. I was also affected by just people not wanting to come see the music and not having that connection on a weekly basis playing in front of people.


What has been your biggest challenge as a musician?

Honestly just deciding what I wanted my vision to be and what I was trying to accomplish. Fame is somewhat of an illusion and I had to really decide the foundation I was trying to build. Also, just choosing the right producers to deliver the work the way you want it and finding the devoted people who want to play with you night after night. Also just perfecting my craft and the time it takes to just get good.


How do you handle stress or being under pressure when dealing with the music world?

Just know that my road is my road. If I wanna be somewhere, I gotta make it happen. I try not to count on anyone or be too vulnerable where I could potentially get screwed over. I’m a big believer in self independence and if I build anything with my music career, I want it to be from the seeds I sowed into the ground myself.


Have you written or released any original music?

Yes I have written close to 40 songs but I am only super confident ona bout 10 and 5 of those 10 will be what’s coming up on my EP. up to this point, 3 out of 5 are mixed and ready to be mastered and released for consumers.


What genre do you focus on?

I like to describe my music and garage rock country with a side of southern rock