Apple, The Unchanging Tech Giant


Augie O'Brien, Writer

The year is 2016. The iPhone 7 had just been released. You go to an apple store and pick one up for a then hefty price of 300 dollars. You notice something different, though. There’s no headphone jack, so your favorite pair of wired earbuds? Useless. Fast forward four years to the iPhone 12. This time, no brick comes with it either, but you can’t use the old ones you’ve been hoarding for years. Now you need a USB-C brick, and to make things worse, you no longer get a Lightning cable to 3.5 mm port dongle anymore.

Why do they do this? Because Apple is greedy and knows you’ll still buy their phones, then purchase the accessories. They try and hide their greed behind care for the environment, but 12 factories in china say otherwise. The only thing that makes these phones better than before is more power, but if you need power in a mobile device, get a laptop, which apple also consistently makes you buy more and more accessories for, but today I’m complaining about phones.

Since the iPhone 6, all Apple has been doing adds more of what they already have or changes the screen’s shape. The new screen shape doesn’t even make things look better than the square! It has rounded edges that always hide some part of what you’re doing behind them. The only reason apple still does this is to seem innovative so that apple fanboys will defend their actions for them. It’s a rounded screen. That isn’t innovative at all. It’s just lazy.

I would have no problem with apple if they would only increase power every generation and raise prices, but they don’t; they take away the features we use, add more useless components that make a good commercial, and sell it for 800 dollars. All this two trillion-dollar company has to do is add features, or at least don’t take them away, and they’ll be even more successful than they are now.