Coaching During a Pandemic

An Interview with Ms. Heath


Sydney Rhodes, Writer

An interview with Ms. Heath a Cartersville Highschool Cross Country Coach. Coach Heath has been one of the main reasons the cross-county program has succeeded this year! She plans all the meets and all the fun things we do as a team. She also does temperature checks and keeps up with all the covid-19 changes this year.


Are home races harder to plan than they were before?

In regard to safety conditions yes, especially at the beginning, but as we have progressed, it seems most people adhere to the Governer’s guidelines.

What has been the biggest struggle?

Really, just remembering to keep everyone six feet apart or masked up, as it just isn’t what we are all used to.

What all has changed?

A lot of things have changed. Now before every practice and every bus ride we must take temperature checks. Also, on the bus we must keep our masks on the whole time.

Has this year been stressful?

It’s not too bad, but the most stressful thing would be keeping everyone safe.