Interview for Early Voters 2020


Reed Morton, Writer

Election time is here for 2020 and Cartersville has started the early voting process. I interviewed several adult voters that took part in the early voting processes. The participants in this interview did not experience extremely long lines and on average it took each of them about 40 minutes to vote. The voters did feel that it could have been more organized for social distancing. Many people did wear masks while they were in line to vote and tried to social distance however, the voting form tables were not set up six feet apart when they signed their voting form.

The voters were asked about their experience with the new voting machines. They had a good experience with the voting machines, but it did not seem they were utilizing all the machines. They did not experience any issues with printing the ballot. One voter was surprised that her ballot was fed into the machine upward facing in clear view. Overall, the voters experience was successful the longest wait was when they were waiting for their voting card. All three voters voted in Cartersville Georgia. The voters are glad the voting is behind them and they wait to see what lies ahead.

The voters were glad they took part in the early voting process as they feel the lines will only grow as the election day approaches. The voters also took into consideration Covid 19 and felt it may be safer to vote early in order to avoid larger crowds. Compared to other counties the voters felt Bartow County was prepared. Thank You to Mrs. Inga Williams, Mr. Barrett Morton and Mrs. Michelle Morton for their participation.