An Abundance of Kyndel

An Interview with Kyndel Smith


Emma Wilson, Writer

Reminder to all underclassmen: one grade doesn’t define you, nor does it represent your intelligence. Kyndel Smith, a senior at Cartersville high school, says this in the local Mexican restaurant that she regularly eats throughout the week with friends. She is a grade-A student and is involved in many extracurriculars and clubs. ITS (international theatre society) and shows at her local theatre are just two things she participates in.

What interested you to sign up for the extracurricular and clubs?

“I’m in theatre because I’ve always loved music and acting and it’s a hobby that keeps my life interesting. We started WYA to encourage young Christian girls to be engaged in politics, no matter how young they are. I plan to have a career in the political field.”

Kyndel is vice president of the countywide organization of young women in America (WYA) that approaches political policy from a biblical perspective.

Since the pandemic hit, students have been struggling with grades and their social life. On top of that, they keep up with their health mentally and physically while staying inside for months.

Did the pandemic change who you saw yourself surrounded by and your social status?

“I hung out with a lot of the graduating class of 2020, which is something I normally wouldn’t have done. It limited my social circle even more, but the relationships I did keep are a lot stronger now.”

The pandemic hit students abruptly and swiftly, so grades have plummeted for students in Cartersville with hybrid and procrastination.

What toll did the pandemic take on your grades and GPA?

“When the pandemic hit at the end of my junior year, I struggled to balance the work, and my GPA fell because of a grade I ended the year with. It didn’t fall a lot but enough to affect my self-esteem and confidence towards my grades. I’ve always made straight A’s and once it didn’t happen, it sort of messed with my head a little bit.”

Kyndel has managed to make it through high school with a teenager’s everyday struggles today and during a pandemic. She now plans to graduate and go to college. A writer at heart, she aspires to change the world and live life while she can. With her outgoing personality, she is destined to brighten every room she walks in.