Chipper’s Choice: Your Weekly Recommendations From Chipper

Chippers Choice: Your Weekly Recommendations From Chipper


This week, our Chipper’s Choices ranged from enjoying brioche French toast and the beginning burn of a political podcast to the birth of a BoJack Horseman fan and how we feel about boys who lie, again. Here is what caught our writer’s eyes this week—and what we think should ensnare you, too. 


Bojack Horseman

You may be late to the party, like me, and not be familiar with the Netflix original series Bojack Horseman—however, you should be. It is a gut-wrenching show about what it is like to look back on your life and wonder if you are proud of any of it that will send you into an existential crisis. There are also moments of lighthearted, comedic reprieve with man-like-dogs chasing after mailmen. Overall, the series is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining. 

– Madison Tovey


The Mandalorian

One of the things that made me happy this week was hanging out with my friends on FAB Wednesday and getting to watch The Mandalorian all together. We ate at Johnny’s Pizza beforehand, and it was very tasty. Someone there ordered our table garlic bread knots, so that caught me by surprise. After eating, we all met at my friend’s house and watched the first episode of the new season. For the first episode of a season, it was good. There was this certain scene where he was being chased by a bunch of pirates in space, and he maneuvered around a bunch of little asteroids and space rocks and used them as cover. One by one, he took each pirate down, and it was super cool. Of course, it is just setting up the plot for what the rest of the season will be like, but the overall plot of this season seems interesting. In fact, I would honestly recommend watching the entirety of Mandalorian. I am not much of a Star Wars guy, but this Star Wars series is super cool, and I love the idea of a space western type atmosphere that it brings forward. I am glad that I not only got to hang out with my friends and relax, but I also got to start the new season of a cool show with them as well 

– Jackson Adams



Recently I’ve been on a writing streak. I know we’re writing about things we’ve recently found that we like but I had to write about writing. It might not be everyone’s thing, but obviously it’s ours. I personally enjoy writing poetry, specifically dark poetry. I enjoy making people feel something when they read my works. Writing has always been an escape for me and I’m sure for a lot of people. There are going to be things that hurt in life but it’s always good to have somewhere to put those feelings. If you need an out and nothing seems to work, I highly suggest it.  

– Elizabeth Tornincasa


Slow Burn

Slow Burn is a podcast, and the first two seasons of it are hosted by Harvard graduate, Leon Neyfakh. The first season is about Watergate, and the second season is about Bill Clinton’s impeachment. The podcast features interviews with important figures in these historical events such as Linda Tripp. The podcast makes sure to include women’s roles and perspectives. It also includes fascinating, lesser-known figures. Neyfakh’s work is well-researched, and he shows enthusiasm for it.  

The show displays emotions felt during historical events including how Nixon’s paranoia and insecurity led to his impeachment. The podcast also includes riveting information such as that Monica Lewinsky was unjustly threatened with 27 years in prison by the committee that was investigating Bill Clinton. Slow Burn does an amazing job of making political and historical events feel personal, and it dives deep into different aspects of them.  

– Mikayla Lowery


Boy’s a Liar

My Chipper’s choice this week is “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2” by PinkPantheress and Ice Spice. The remixed track is a winning combination of British singer PinkPantheress’s favored early-aughts UK garage sound and Bronx rapper Ice Spice’s flirtatious, braggadocious drill. By taking her standard fare of light dance-pop and placing an out-of-the-box feature on it, PinkPantheress–who won the BBC’s prestigious “Sound of 2022” poll on the future of music, so you know she’s legit–proves her success as an artist is due to much more than the luck of the algorithm. Lyrically, the song speaks of a girl fearing the end of her situationship, but in a delightful manner that would leave French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir and her critiques of “inauthentic love” nodding along. Listeners seem to agree, as the song has shot to number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, the first top ten entry for both ladies, taking them beyond TikTok and into Top 40 radio, where Gen Xers can listen after their preteens ask them to turn up the knob. 

– Grey Olson


Douceur de France

As I write my contribution to this column, I’m bouncing down I-75 on a field trip before most students have even made it to school. After this I have to burn back down the interstate to the other side of Atlanta for another trip that’s going through the weekend. Both are competitions. I don’t mind being this busy—I’ve gotten used to it.  My lifestyle is a little…jangled, you could say. So how do I keep going through late-night essay submissions and early morning car trips?  

This week it hasn’t been Mad Men like it normally is or Cannoli as it tends to be. In fact, I haven’t even had what’s getting me through this week. Right now, the only thing keeping me going is knowing that on Sunday, I will haul myself into Marietta no matter how bad the traffic is and order French Toast from a little café called Douceur de France. I know I’ll wait about 25 minutes after ordering no matter how busy or empty the place is, and in that time, I’ll consume more lattes than considered appropriate. Eventually, that plate will burst out of those butler doors with trumpets accompanying it and I’ll proceed to live the next 30 minutes half alive and half in heaven as I toss back far too much whipped cream and far too much custard and far too much brioche after traveling far too much.  

– Jake Hall