Nacho Average Sauce


Kat Tinsley, Writer

It has been brought to my attention that there are some who are not aware that nacho cheese is a sauce. I came across this mind-boggling discovery when I asked my Ex-Best friend (Just kidding, she thinks I’m an idiot for writing this though) to pass the nacho sauce. In which she replied in angst, “The what? Do you mean the Nacho cheese?” I am here to tell you why I say no to that tomfoolery of a mislabeled crisis and educate you poor fellow Nacho enthusiasts who are WRONG.

Firstly, let’s clarify… what is sauce? According to Webster’s dictionary, a sauce is a condiment or relish for food, especially a fluid dressing or topping. Therefore, Nacho cheese is a sauce.  Picture this, you have your Nachos in hand, your crispy tortilla chips freshly salted and your nacho cheese ready to be dipped or poured(you do you), for a savory crunch. Not to be confused with a dip, which is also classified as a sauce or soft mixture into which food may be dipped.

“It all depends on how you use the nacho cheese” says Forensic teacher Brett Tolbert. No matter how you use the Nacho Cheese it is still classified as a sauce, due to the fact that a dip IS a sauce just a style of condiment.

“No, it’s not a sauce, because when I think sauce I think of BBQ sauce.” – Deja, senior Cartersville student.

However it is common for BBQ sauce to come in small plastic containers that are often used to dunk chicken nuggets or another food of choice, which would, in theory promote the same confusion as classifying it as a dip. What is it about Nacho Cheese that causes the misconception of its classification as a sauce? Is Nacho cheese being confused with Queso? However “Queso” is the Spanish word for cheese, making it the same as nacho cheese.

Nacho cheese is not just a cheese, ingredients are added to the cheese of choice to make it a soft mixture — or sauce.

Nacho Cheese is a sauce. This is my legacy I leave to you.

Sauce wisely,

Kat Tinsley