How Extreme Should College Recruitment be Taken?


Lily McWhorter, Writer

Have you ever wanted to be seen by college recruiters? Have you ever had an idea of something extreme you would do. College recruiting has always been important, but recently it has become a great deal. In the past, athletes would send mail to a couple of colleges, but not anymore. Now it is being taken to the extreme to get your name out there and prove you deserve to play college sports. Recent ways to be seen by colleges are social media, highlight videos, visiting the school, and even billboards.

Although these are great ideas, are they necessary? Before technology, athletes got recruited by colleges so why were changes made? Technology has impacted our society and given us many new tools to be used. Recruiting used these tools in many ways and in some ways made it more complicated. Recruiters now have more work for themselves, as they cannot just read a few letters anymore. Also, more work is created for the athlete, as they also must keep up with what everyone around them is doing.

Athletic ability is not the only thing college recruiters look for anymore. They also look for academics, character, and location. You must now meet many qualifications unique to the school, as they have gotten extremely specific overtime.

Overall, playing sports in college is what matters the most, not all you have to do to be seen. Changes should be made to return recruiting to how it was before technology. This creates less work and stress on both athletes and coaches and allows them to focus more on the sport they love.