Chicken Abuse


Maria Mir, Writer

Chickens, when you think of them what do you think of, chicken tenders? Farm animals?
Pets?. I think that chickens are more than that sure even I like eating chicken, however we
should treat them better then they are being treated. According to
Chickens in chicken factories are being mistreated as well dying everyday due to unsanitary
conditions like parasitic infection, poisoning, egg binding, poor nutrition, organ failure and
injuries that are caused by overcrowding and humans mishandling them such as throwing them
around, stepping on them or smashing their heads to kill them in the industry. I find this
disheartening because animals can feel pain, however they can not express them verbally to let
them know that we hurt them or they feel sick. This is why it makes chicken abuse more
controversial since chickens are everyday protein for humans as well for other species, we
desensitized them to nothing but a source of food with no feelings of pain, which is far from the
truth. Chickens can feel pain too, I mean they do have nerves in their bodies that pick up on
sensations, touches and they can also feel temperatures just like humans too.
The chickens in the industries are injected with chemicals that enlarge their breast for
human consumption sure they taste good to us, however for the chicken it does not get to live
a healthy life before it is eaten. Since the chickens breast which for them is their pectoral
muscle is injected to make them more plump and fatter it weighs them down tremendously
causing them to wiggle there way and not using their feet at all. Which for the human who
slaughters the chicken it makes their job easier, this is so because they can just grab the chicken
without it putting up a fight. Which I think it’s not fair, it shows how the chicken is already so
exhausted by caring the weight of its “artificial muscles” that it gives up on life and excepts its
fate. The chickens when being slaughtered are only 40 days old, I feel saddened by this because
their still babies, they never got a chance to feel the breeze, feel and see the sunlight as well as
run and play in the grass, however instead they are born quickly injected with chemicals that
may or not make them disabled (which makes it easier for the butcher because it’s disabled),
fans that spread the smell of chicken poop on the dirty floors of a crowed chicken coop and
instead of being in the grass they are kept in their feces, with other chickens that have caught
diseases from other chickens or humans and most of the time they don’t get veterinary care.
So to wrap things up I feel like chickens should be treated better, not better but
deserving of what they need and the proper accomplices and care to take care of them, sure we
can still eat them but while they are in these industries we can be aware and take action it may
not happen right away but it’ll soon happen chickens can feel pain as well as emotional distress,
chicken abuse should not be condemned just because they can not talk back.