Danielle Corbin: A Profile of my Wacky Color Guard Instructor


Sophie Rakita, Writer

Let me set the scene. I had woken up at 8 on this very day, this very day being my first day of band camp. 8 was when I was supposed to be there, so you can imagine my rush as I hurried to get ready. I walked into the large band room, unsure of what my day would look like but sure that I was late and a bit embarrassed about it. As I entered, my first view was a group of women gathered in a circle on the floor near the front of the room. At the head was a woman with some sort of caffeinated beverage (which was a regular thing for her) and a MacBook. She had a messy bun and shoulder-length black hair to match her usual black attire. Although I cannot recall her exact wear that day, I can confirm that she usually wears jean shorts, a black top, thin-framed silver glasses, or her sunglasses (those both being prescription), and her gray Adidas. The ladies included this woman and the other nine girls on my color guard. First impressions aside, she told me her name was Dani, and we proceeded with our day.

As far as appearance goes, she matches most other college girls in that she mostly wears jean shorts, sweatshirts, and whatever athletic wear is on hand. She often wears a very neutral color palette.

Dani goes by many names, including Pizzle, Ms. Pizzle, Ms. P, Dani Phantom, but never Ms. Corbin because that’s her mom. She has been a leader, friend, and confidante to her friends and, most importantly, the color guard. Although I have not talked to other people about this specifically, I believe she has impacted our (the color guard’s) lives even if she is just a 19-year-old college student at Oglethorpe University, where she majors in business administration and minors in nonprofit management.

Aside from having an impact on people, she also has affected the program and our professionalism in general. This being my first year, I have not had any other instructor, but I have heard that Dani is bringing more to the table. Objectively, she has done so much for us already: she and her mom handmade our flower crowns, makes an hour and a half long commute in Atlanta traffic to come to CHS, bought us all matching water bottles, and writes fantastic work.

I know you are wondering what she acts like, well let me tell you… Dani is an interesting person. Being an Aries, it makes sense that she is a bit fiery but weird at times too. You also can’t forget her rawr, which is spelled the way she says it. Even though she tells us to go away at the end of every practice, it is easy to tell she means it endearingly.

It is no wonder that Dani is the way she is, considering her upbringing. She tells us that her parents supported all that she has done and raised her with the notion that hard work and believing in oneself can get you anywhere in life. Since her parents both worked while growing up, both in some form of business, I assume she had no shortage of responsible role models. However, I do not have to assume since I already know her mom. Diana is a lovely human, and it is obvious how much she cares for Dani and us considering she is always there to help and happy to do so.

Dani is one of the best people I know, and I hope this profile has somewhat convinced you to adore her the way that I do.