What Is a Trusted Advisor?


Samael Morales and Madison Tovey

What is a trusted advisor?

A trusted advisor is someone you can go to in times of crisis or just news you are excited to share. A trusted advisor is someone who pushes you, someone who supports you. They are someone you have in your corner, no matter the situation. Now that we know what a trusted advisor does, who are they? They could be anyone, not just a teacher. Like a superior at work, a family member, or a friend. You could also have more than one; the more people you have rooting for you, the more likely you are to succeed.

How is Sources of Strength highlighting trusted advisors?

Cartersville High School’s Sources of Strength wants to honor everyone’s trusted advisors and thank them for contributing to our student body.

To do this, they have granted us the opportunity to create wings with the names of the people that help us soar. The mural will be on the cafeteria wall when you first walk in from the humanities building. It will be composed of paper feathers where you can write the name of your trusted advisor, whether a parent, friend, or teacher.

Stop by Mrs. Moore’s room in the humanities building to get a feather, or ask a friend from Sources of Strength!

What does it mean to you to be a trusted advisor?

Mrs. Tribou: “It’s not a conscious effort…it’s not like I say, ‘I’m going to be a trusted advisor.’ I love my students and care about them as human beings and form relationships with them, and I’m there for them as they go through stuff.”

Mrs. Moore: “I didn’t have a lot as a teenager. So as a teacher I wanted to be the teacher I didn’t have. I feel good being there for students when they don’t have anywhere to go. I hate to see a student floundering. It means the world to be a trusted advisor.”

Mr. Knight: “To me the most important thing about being a trusted advisor is actually listening to the person, whatever they have going on—listening and actually hearing them with an open mind and an open heart.”

Mrs. Terry: “A trusted advisor always listens actively, responds only when asked to give input, and never betrays the person’s confidence.”

Who are our trusted advisors and why?

Madison: My trusted advisor is Ms. Tribou because she is always supportive, and I can talk to her at any time. Another trusted advisor of mine is Mrs. Hawn. I had her last year, and I am confident I could still pop by her room and talk to her about anything.

Sam: My trusted advisors are Mrs. Terry, Mr. Knight, Ms. Tribou, and Mrs. Hawn. They are very understanding and always make me feel safe and comfortable when I am talking to them. They are also very trustworthy and judgement free.

We give these trusted advisors a 10/10 at supporting our student body.