Young Love — Leave it til Later


Trinity Turner, Writer

Something everyone wants, but it seems to have a hard time finding within this generation, is love.

As teenagers and young adults, we tend to focus on finding a partner, and often that gets in the way of becoming who we are.  I’m not saying all young love is toxic, but dealing with it in this day-and-age, it can be. 

Relying too heavily on your partner can hinder you as you strive to become an independent women or man. Love can be one-sided, and one of you can end up getting hurt by the other.

A person staying by their partner after continuously getting “done wrong” will slowly destroy your soul. It makes you question your self worth. You’ll begin to ask whether you’ve ever been good enough. Being so young, it’s easy to forget that you aren’t defined by somebody else, and that really messes with your head if you’re not strong enough.

Not only that, but teens shouldn’t have to deal with the drama of early love. The last thing that should be keeping you up at night or getting in the way of concentrating on school is what your partner did the previous night.  We are too young to be worried about being in a bad relationship with some guy or girl.

I believe before you try to fall in love or give your all to someone, you should devote time to yourself. Love yourself before you try to love anyone else.

Ultimately you should get your life together, get your career started, or at least be on the road toward getting there. Too many of us try to rush life and love and  it’s usually not the right time for us, which is why those relationships don’t last.

I love the idea of love.  I think love is so beautiful when it’s with the right person. Love is so pure and genuine when it’s actually right.

As young adults, we are still growing and learning the ways of life. It is always okay to take things slow and wait on the right timing. Don’t go out looking for love, but instead, let it come to you.

Twenty-two and up is when I feel like maybe devoting yourself to someone else is a good time. Your identity and your life goals will be more established. You have a plan at least outlined by then, and this is the time to start finding someone you want to build a future with.  Not now. Not in high school. Not even just after. Wait a while. It’ll be worth it.