The Sun Sets on a Teaching Career, Rises Somewhere on a Beach


Lyle Forristall, Writer

Linda Templeton has been gracing the lives of students with her expertise and generous heart for twenty-five years, sixteen here at Cartersville High School. She graduated from Kennesaw State University with a B.S. in English, then furthered her education with a master’s degree and gifted certification. She is the Language Arts Department Chair and teacher of honors ninth lit and AP English Lit.

The time has come, however, for her to say goodbye to the classroom and hello to the beach. 

When asked about future endeavors after retirement, Mrs. Templeton replied, “to move to the beach and just read and write.” She explained she has always wanted to write a book, but never had the time. Now that retirement is on her horizon, that will change.

For Mrs. Templeton, family is also a big priority. She spends most weekends enjoying the company of her four kids and ten grandkids, and she will now be able to devote even more time with them.

When asked about her favorite teaching activity, Templeton’s nodded to her ninth grade Shakespeare unit, in which students read a Shakespeare play, memorize and perform a monologue, and write a culminating essay.  She loves everything about it: the acting, the reading, and the writing. It is a challenging one, and students generally rise to the occasion.

Another teaching favorite is witnessing her students’ writing skills improve over the course of a year. She encourages students to find and use their voices.

When asked about the weirdest thing that has ever happened in her classroom over the course of her career, she explained that she once had a student faint right in front of the whole class while acting out a scene.  

Beyond her work in the classroom, Templeton serves on various school committees, leads her department, and once coached softball. One thing she will miss most during retirement is when former students come back to visit. She loves seeing how they have matured and come into their own.

Linda Templeton is someone students, faculty, and administration will all miss.

Here’s to long, lazy walks on the beach, Mrs. Templeton!