Common Dreams and their Meanings

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Common Dreams and their Meanings

Itzury Gomez, Writer

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Have you ever woken up from a crazy dream and wondered why you had it and what it could possibly mean? Well here are some common, unsettling dreams and the meanings behind them. 

  • FLYING – having dreams of soaring through the sky is common for many people. Flying is usually related to a sense of freedom and often-times represents running away from reality. The ground in your dream represents reality and your relationship with it is depicted in the nature of your dream. It could also show how confident you are, depending on how high up you are flying. 
  • TEETH FALLING OUT – Many people dream about their teeth crumbling and falling out. It usually means that a person is feeling insecure about themselves or others attitude towards them. 
  • NAKED IN PUBLIC – If you dream you are without clothing out and about in town,  it means that you are currently in a life situation that makes you feel vulnerable or embarrassed. 
  • LOST –Dreaming of being lost is a sign that you are very forgetful and disorganized. It could also mean that you are exploring your unconsciousness, which is a labyrinth of uncharted territory.  
  • FALLING – Falling in your dreams is a sign that you feel that you have no control over your life and you have underlying insecurities. 
  • BEING CHASED – This usually means that you are running away from something. There is a problem or situation that you are avoiding.  
  • SCHOOL/CLASSROOM -These dreams happen when a person feels that they are being challenged or presented with a test in life. People who have these dreams are usually out of school. 
  • VEHICLE – Airplanes, cars, or trains anything that is considered a vehicle represents a direction your life is headed in. 
  • BABY –This shows that something new has been presented in your life or that your life has room for improvement. This could also mean that you are still developing or there is a part of you that has been forgotten and needs your attention.  
  • DEATH –Death is scary and dreaming about it can leave you anxious about what it may mean in the future. Luckily it only means that something old is being left behind to make room for something new. Even though death dreams are relatively harmless, they could also be attempts at trying to come to terms with anger towards yourself and anxiety.
  • APOCALYPSE – This type of dream means that you are currently undergoing major changes in your life, and it is a situation that makes you feel like it’s the end of the world. 

These are just some of the few common dream meanings out there; there are many, many more. So next time you have a crazy  dream, rest easy knowing you are not alone and theories abound as to what they may mean.