Speakers and Soldiers

Speakers and Soldiers

Amann Patel, Guest Writer


To speak is to take a stand

against those tyrants from a foreign land.

Separating syllables with clarity and expertise,

words allow for creating laws and decrees.

To speak allows for the world to spin around.


In contrast, words can inflict pain,

one that threatens to end a tyrant’s reign.

In response, people escalate their power,

commanding soldiers from their ivory towers.

Here, words are forgotten on battlegrounds.


As soldiers clash with hostility and anger,

innocents are hooked like fish to an angler.

Regardless, speakers and orators give their opinions,

desperately trying to protect their dominions.

However, this action is more much profound.


Fists and swords defend momentarily

while words can establish solidarity.

A defense that calms and quiets the heart

and prevent those who try to tear us apart

from rendering us as mere outlines waiting to be found.