Good Enough


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Woman cosmetics, brush and make up on dressing table at home

Caroline Restrepo, Writer


Paint your face to show

you care for yourself,

but not so much

that it can actually be seen.


Be intelligent enough to hold

your own in a fight of wits,

but never use your words

in a way that he may listen

and realize his mediocrity.


Don’t grow hair on your body

but keep it long upon your head.

But don’t let it get out of control

lest you drive him away.


Don’t let yourself be taken

advantage of by someone else,

but stay polite or the outline

around you is your own fault.


Shine bright enough to be seen

but shrink yourself down

around him so that he does not

choke on your person.


You may have friends

whom you love dearly,

but they must never take priority

over the one who never

makes time for you.


Be flirtatious but never crude

and cater to his taste,

but never give him reason

to stumble over the

trap you set for yourself.


Be good but never

too good for him.

Never be good for yourself

because you will always come out

too much or too little.


Be satisfied that you

got anything in this battle set

against you from the start.

Good enough is the best

you will never be.