Spielberg’s Coming of Age Story

Mikayla Lowery, Writer

The Fablemans took home the prestigious Golden Globe award for Best Motion Picture- Drama of 2022. This film is directed by and based on Steven Spielberg. It brings his early life to the screen and gives us insight into what led him to emerge as one of the most well-known directors of all time. While showcasing Spielberg’s creative drive and talent from a young age, the movie also explores his personal troubles and his family relationships. 

The main character of the movie is Sammy, who is based on Spielberg. The movie begins with Sammy seeing his first movie. The scene encapsulates the excitement of being surrounded by crowds of people all looking up at the big screen. Watching this is a return to the cinema in its native form before streaming services began dominating the entertainment industry.  

A main focus of the movie is Sammy’s relationship with his family. Sammy begins seeing his mom in more roles than just her role as a mom. As Sammy grows up, he relates to her through their shared artistic ambitions. Sammy begins filming movies soon after viewing his first movie. His talent is obvious as his work even as a juvenile appears as though it belongs in theaters. During a visit, his uncle warns Sammy about the struggles that he will face choosing between his family and his art. Sammy’s mom faced the same struggle. She could have been a famous pianist but instead, focused on motherhood. Throughout the film, Sammy and his art play an important role in his relationship with his family. 

Sammy faces adversity at school. A group of his peers show anti semantic hate towards him. However, he does not let the hurt that his classmates inflict on him define him. Sammy overcomes, and that character trait helps him make it through other trials, such as his rejection from USC. As a result of his perseverance, he goes on to become the famous Steven Spielberg that we know. 

The Fablemans is a heartfelt tribute to Spielberg’s parents. It is also an encouragement to and an inspiration for dreamers to overcome obstacles and follow their passions to achieve their dreams.