Review of The 1975’s Being Funny in a Foreign Language


Madison Tovey, Writer, Editor-in-Chief

Today YouTube Recap and Spotify Wrapped have come out and revealed I am in the top .3% of The 1975 listeners, and I am more surprised it is not .01%. But after seeing them live my post-concert depression hit too hard, and I had to forget they existed for a few weeks so that I could continue living my life—which may have lost me a percentage point or two. Part of what made the concert so amazing, apart from their aesthetics, is their new album Being Funny in a Foreign Language. It is guttural and poignant in its lyrics, yet so incredibly fun to listen to.

In most of 1975 albums, they say a lot without getting to the point, coming up with extravagant metaphors rather than just saying what they mean (not that I am one to complain, I am on a 3-year streak of having The 1975 as my top artist). One of my favorite songs they have ever written is ‘UGH!’, a song off their 2nd album, filled with convoluted lyrics only intelligible after looking them up. Though I have love for each style of writing, I would be lying if I said I was not pleasantly surprised by the level of transparency in BFIAFL. On the album, they have songs simply saying, “Tell me you love me, cause that’s all that I need to hear,” and “I’m in love with you,”

The 1975 have aptly named their tour for the album “The 1975 At Their Very Best”. Starting from the very first song, each 1975 album starts with a self-titled track, which is usually a skip for me, but the BFIAFL version of ‘the 1975’ is one of the best songs they have ever released—which indeed made me cry in front of a few people at a traffic light when Matty said, “I’m sorry if you’re living and you’re 17.”

I am biased in this review because I will listen to any song they write as long as there is funky guitar and Matty’s British ramblings, but if I were to listen to one album for the rest of my life—this would be on the short-list for consideration.