A Day at Disney Springs


Jojo Scott, Writer

It was a chorus trip to Orlando Florida and after a long 7–8-hour drive, the bus took a little stop. It was about sunset-ish and everyone on the charter bus was either asleep or on their phones and didn’t expect there to be a stop before we got to the hotel. We ended up in a very wide and empty section of a parking lot and we all exited the bus to find out we were at Disney Springs.

A lot of people were down to go in and do some window shopping, but a few people including myself remembered that there was a movie theater at Disney Springs. And one movie that just came out at the time was Avengers Endgame. But sadly, as we were about to walk into the large mall, we were unfortunately unable to go into the movie theater as they didn’t want anyone somewhere where they couldn’t leave if it was time to go. Hearing this almost half the field trip, pun intended, was very upset as they were hyped for this movie for a long time. A few had planned to watch it with their family as soon as it came out. My group especially was quite angry as we were all avid Marvel fans and were hoping to watch it together.

Despite this fact everyone was still determined to have a good time and window shop around the mall and play in some of the bowling/arcade centers there.

Me and a few friends, Gabe, Ryan, and Jensyn, were all walking around Marvel-related attractions. For instance, we walked to a Marvel gift shop full of multiple shirts, Funko Pops, and other knickknacks. One of the items I found was a coffee mug designed as the Infinity Gauntlet. I immediately started laughing so hard that I called my friends to see the mug, and they started laughing too as they saw how it looked like a hand-shaped mug with gems around it.

After that, the area was more shade than sunlight and that’s when certain music was playing in the background. No one paid attention to it, but I listened closely to the music as it sounded vaguely familiar. We stopped to look at some Avengers Endgame posters on the walls and I took a minute to listen closely. The music was very ominous and dramatic, and it took me a minute, but I finally realized it is the music from the end of Avengers Infinity War. I realized this and immediately told my friends what it was, and we all started laughing as we were annoyed that everywhere we went was a reference to the movie that we were unable to see.

After a while of ranting about the movie, we got a group message from the head teacher saying it was time to leave. As disappointed as we were, we walked to the exit where everyone was waiting. Everyone was holding at least one souvenir from the mall and was showing it off to the other students in the crowd. And after everyone made it back for roll call, we hopped back in the buses and continued out trip to the hotel.

And that was my day at Disney Springs.