Does Enjoying Disney Movies at an Old Age Makes You Weird?


Jennifer Flores, Writer

Has anyone ever called you weird or childish and made fun of you when you told them you like to watch children’s Disney movies or series? Why? Everyone has their own opinion when they hear someone say they like Disney children’s movies or series, whether it is a good or bad opinion.

There are reasons why they would think Disney is for children. The first one is when you go visit Walt Disney World, such as the Magic Kingdom, you would see the majority of people there are children who are excited to see their Disney princesses or characters. Another reason is that some movies are pointed for a children’s audience, which is why some people would give a bad opinion about it when adults or teens say they enjoy watching Disney movies.

I wouldn’t agree with people who say bad things about liking Disney children’s movies because I am a teen and enjoy watching them. It doesn’t matter what people say about it because it’s your enjoyment, not the other people’s. I respect the people who tell me that they like to watch them, and I won’t say anything when someone gives a bad opinion. I have a few favorite movies and series from Disney, such as princess movies, because I would watch Disney movies with my little sister, who also likes to watch her Disney princesses. I had told some people in my life that are around my age that I like to watch children’s movies or series from Disney, and some people would give me a weird look, or they would be okay with me enjoying it.

People on social media have answered this question, and many have said that Disney is for everyone. They believe everyone can enjoy Disney, and there is nothing wrong with it. A user on answered the question, “Is Disney for Little Kids only?” and their answer was, “Disney movies are for people of all ages to enjoy. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because if something appeals to kids, it doesn’t appeal to adults.”

There is no age range for liking Disney movies; who cares what other people say about it? This is your enjoyment. People shouldn’t change what you enjoy watching because they can’t control what you watch.