A Review of Marvel’s Multiverse Saga

A Review of Marvels Multiverse Saga

Jojo Scott, Writer

Not too long ago, the MCU finished its first storyline, the Infinity Saga. But recently Kevin Feige announced the next one, the Multiverse Saga. So far ten Marvel projects have been out since and there have been mixed reviews revolving around this storyline’s projects, but personally, I’ve been on a positive side of watching these projects–well most of them.

Starting with Wanda Vision, the first project of this saga is one of the most fan-driven shows I have seen in my life for a while. It revolves around Wanda Maximoff dealing with her trauma in an unhealthy way as she enslaves an entire town in a sitcom reality that controls anything and anyone in it. Throughout the show, the pocket reality keeps updating decade after decade of what television sitcoms were like. For example: going from the ‘60s sitcom tropes to the ’70s and so on. And while this is going on, a government agency called S.W.O.R.D is investigating this and figuring out how to eliminate it. The series itself can go all over the place from comedy to horror to action to drama, which gives the audience a mix of emotions when they watch it. I give the show an 8/10.

Next the show The Falcon and the Winter Solider is a more down-to-earth series. It follows the adventure of Falcon and Winter Soldier as they try to stop a group of super-soldiers called the Flag Smashers who are doing Robin Hood like activities but have the wrong tactics. While this is going on there is a dynamic with the legacy of Captain America’s shield and what happens to the people who are chosen to wield it. It is a much more of an easier concept to understand than the previous series, but it manages to give that good Marvel spy action to it. Also, I like the take it has on the racial inequality that most things today are afraid to do, and that’s another reason I like this show so much. I give the show a 7/10.

Coming up next is a show coming from every timeline, Loki. Loki follows the events after Loki took the Tesseract in the Avengers Endgame Movie. He is arrested by these cops called the TVA (Time Variant Authority) and brought in for messing with the “Sacred Timeline”. This doesn’t go as planned, as one of the agents tries to use Loki so that they can stop another version of Loki. Turns out that the variant is a female Loki and once they find her, Loki goes after her and they form a bond. Soon Loki realizes her plans to take down the TVA by killing “The Timekeepers”. As soon as they get to them it turns out they are fake, and the real timekeeper is one who goes by “He Who Remains”. And when they find him, female Loki betrays Loki after he tries to convince her to not kill him by sending him back to the TVA and killing, He Who Remains. This ends on a cliffhanger that is to be resolved in season 2, which is the first series to receive one. I give this series a 9/10

Now is the first movie of this saga, and one that was delayed for Covid, Black Widow. This movie is a prequel that takes place after Captain America: Civil War, and Black Widow is on the run from the government. While she is on the run, she encounters an assassin named Taskmaster that is sent from the Red Room, the place that trained Black Widow. After she gets away from her, she goes out to find her sister who was also trained in the Red Room. It turns out her sister was working for the Red Room but was freed from their mind control and is trying to free others from the Red Room. The sisters eventually find each other and embark on a mission to find the Red Room and eliminate it once and for all. Along the way, they get their adopted father, The Red Guardian, from a Maximum-Security Prison, and they get their mother who is a former agent for the Red Room. Together they go through multiple secret agents from the Red Room and take out the Taskmaster. They destroy the Red Room and free all of the Black Widows. This movie was a fun action-packed film and was fun to watch. I give it a 6/10.

Get ready for another kung-fu flick, because next is Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. This movie is about the story of Shang-Chi and his father Wenwu and how they fell apart in the past. Wenwu holds the ten rings, powerful weapons that could take down entire armies. He uses this power to start an empire and rule over the weak, but one day he meets the love of his life, and it changes everything. Together they have Shang-Chi and his sister. Eventually, a group of terrorists come and kill Shang-chi’s mother and Wenwu goes on a rampage as he goes around killing everyone involved in the terrorist organization. He then trains Shang-Chi in martial arts so that he can join his father’s clan, but then lets Shang-Chi go to live his life for 10 years. Shang now spends his days working as a valet parker at a hotel along with his best friend Katy and they spend their days just fooling around. Eventually, Wenwu comes back for Shang-chi, and he tries to convince his son that his mother is still alive and is calling for him. Shang-Chi refuses and goes on the run with Katy to find his sister. They find his sister and they end up finding the village where their mother was raised. They go to warn the village that Wenwu is coming. They make it to the village and train to fight back against Wenwu and his army. Wenwu shows up and they all fight it out as he tries to get to the gate where he thinks his wife is. Eventually, he fights through the people and his son and gets to the gate. He tears it down and it turns out it wasn’t his wife, it was a Kaiju monster that devours people’s souls to gain power. Wenwu dies and gives his son the rings and Shang-chi uses them to kill the monster, and everything is saved. Shang and Katy go back home, and Wong comes and explains to them the power of the rings. This movie had amazing fight scenes, fun characters, and good integration of Asian culture. I give the film a 9/10

We’re back on the show train with a show that truly has no definite ending, What if?. What if? is an animated show that picks a scenario that went on in the MCU and shows an alternate timeline where things ended up differently. For example, in the first episode “What if…Captain Carter was the First Avenger” shows a timeline where Peggy Carter got the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers. It plays out the same way as Captain America: The First Avenger except a few things are different. Bucky doesn’t get turned into the Winter so Steve stays in his small scrawny body, the Red Skull dies, and instead of getting stuck in ice for 70 years, Peggy gets stuck in a dimension for 70 years. This show is full of many interesting stories of how the franchise’s most memorable movies changed to a different result. Not to mention 3D animation is very beautiful to see and the creativity is very well thought out. I give the show an 8/10

This next movie is probably the hardest to follow, Eternals. This movie drops into the spectrum of cosmic beings that watch over the universe. It introduces the Eternals team, Sersi, Ikeras, Kingo, Thena, Gilgamesh, Druig, Sprite, Makarii, Phastos, and Ajak, who have been living among the humans since the beginning of time. They protect humanity from monsters called deviants who want to kill and absorb essence from living creatures. As the future goes on they break apart and live their lives until the deviants come back and they have to band together to stop them. The group assembles once more but it turns out that the deviants are showing up because there is a celestial in earth’s core. Celestials are God-like beings that create universes after breaking through the planet they were laid in. The Eternals realized they were lied to and try to stop it, but Ikeras betrayed them and tried to kill them all before they can stop the emergence of the celestial. They all have an all-out brawl, and the team defeats Ikeras and they turn the celestial to stone right before it can destroy the planet. Ikeras flies into the sun as he feels he has failed his masters and the rest of the team that remains goes back to their normal lives. But they aren’t out of the woods yet, as another celestial realizes what they have done and takes Sersi, Phastos, and Kingo for judgment. This movie may not be at the top of the list, but the special effects and action are unlike any marvel movie I’ve ever seen before. I give the film a 5/10.

Next up we got a Christmas special with the next series, Hawkeye. The show follows the mission of Hawkeye as taking care of some unfinished business that he has caused during the time he was Ronin. While he does this, a fangirl who has been training herself to be able to fight like Hawkeye joins him as the beef he has with people that are hunting him is involved with her family as well.  Together they must solve some loose ends and put an end to Hawkeye’s past once and for all. This is a fun and easy-to-understand series and the fact that it takes place during the holidays makes the experience more fun to watch. I give this show a 7/10.

This is not only the best movie of this phase but my all-time favorite Spiderman film. Spider-Man: No Way Home is a movie that all fans have hoped for and were happy to have received. It takes place after the events of Far from Home and the whole world knows that Peter is Spiderman. This causes many people to harass Peter and his friends by protesting and throwing bricks through windows. This leads Peter to go to Doctor Strange to have everyone forget that he is Spiderman. This goes terribly as Peter keeps having Doctor Strange change the spell and causes a tear in the multiverse. This causes multiple of Spiderman’s villains from past iterations of Spiderman movies like Doc-Ock, Green Goblin, Sandman, Electro, and the Lizard. They give Peter a run for his money as he must find every one of them so he can send them back to their realities. Unfortunately, when Peter finds out that sending them back would kill them, he tries to find another way. So, he tries to “cure” the villains by making them normal people again. He succeeds in doing so as he can cure Doc-Ock and is about to cure the others, but Green Goblin stops his plans and convinces the other villains to not give up their abilities. They wreak havoc on New York City and Aunt May dies in the process. This leaves Peter sad and alone, not knowing what to do. His friends try to find him but have no idea how until they accidentally open a portal using Doctor Strange’s Sling Ring and end up finding both ANDREW GARFIELD AND TOBEY MAGUIRE SPIDERMAN!!!! So, all the Spidermen team up to stop the villains with their antidotes. They cure the villains, but Green Goblin destroys the box holding the multiverse together and causes multiple rifts to appear. Doctor Strange is failing to close them but nothing is working. In the end, Peter has to make the ultimate sacrifice by reversing his original spell by making everyone forget that he ever existed. Doctor Strange makes the spell and everyone forgets that he existed. This movie is a mind-blowing experience that beats every other Spiderman movie that has ever existed. I give this movie a 11/10.

After an amazing movie also comes my favorite marvel series out of all of them, Moon Knight. This is a very trippy show as it deals with both Mark Spector and Steven Grant as they are fighting for control of the same body. Steven Grant is a polite and nonviolent soul who is very scared of everything. Marc Spector is the opposite as he is very violent and rageful. Together they are being controlled by their Greek God “Khonshu” who has chosen them to be his avatar. They end up having to stop this villain named Arthur Harrow who seeks to free the Greek God Ammit. A god that will rid the world of sinners by killing anyone who will commit a sin even before they commit it. This leads to a journey through the world and through death itself in order to stop them. This series is the most violent show out of any previous Marvel projects. I give this show a 9.5/10.

Speaking of very violent Marvel Projects, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is hands down the most gruesome MCU movie that has existed and its first horror movie. The movie follows Doctor Strange as he meets this one kid named America Chavez who has the power to travel across the multiverse at will. She is being hunted by Scarlet Witch as she wants to use her powers to get back the kids she lost in Wanda Vision, knowing that doing this will kill Chavez. Doctor Strange must protect her but is doing terribly as Wanda is literally tearing people apart in order to get them. Chavez and Strange end up hiding in multiple realities but every time Wanda eventually finds them and kills everyone and everything in her path. Their luck runs out, as Wanda takes over the mind of another version of her in the multiverse to capture Chavez and leave Doctor Strange in a dimension that is collapsing in on itself. Doctor strange, unable to get to Chavez in his body, must use a dead version of himself to stop Wanda. This leads to a fight between a Zombie Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch. Strange still isn’t winning but Chavez has an idea to open a portal to a reality where her kids are. The kids see her and run away scared, and this makes Wanda see her mistakes and set things right. This movie is scary, gruesome and truly disserves its name of Multiverse of MADNESS! I give this movie a 7/10.

From scary to lighthearted, Ms. Marvel is up next. Ms. Marvel is a series about a teenage Pakistani girl named Kamala Khan who inherited a bracelet that gives her superpowers. At first she is living the dream of finally being the thing that she loves most but isn’t prepared for the actual life of being a superhero. She encounters a group called The Clandestine who want the bracelet to go back home but using the bracelet would kill Kamala as well. Kamala is also trying ts also trying to hide her identity from her family which causes a lot of distrust in the house. Eventually, the Clandestine are defeated, but now Kamala has to has the government as they are trying to kill her. She stops them with the help of her friends and family as she finally reveals who she is and everything is wrapped up all nice. This is a very lighthearted show that gives a good representation of Pakistani culture, good background animation, and good CGI. I give this show a 8/10

Thor: Love and Thunder is the final adventure of the Thor movies and one that has lots of cons. The movie is about Thor as he tries to figure out who he is and what he needs to feel whole after losing everything. At the same time, a God-killing madman named Gorr the God Butcher is on a killing spree as he seeks to kill all gods with a wish from the rock of eternity after losing his daughter and being betrayed by his God. As these two are fighting, Thor’s old girlfriend Jane Foster has found his old hammer and is now Lady Thor and Thor now has to awkwardly work with his ex. Jane foster also has stage 4 cancer and is using Mjolnir to stay alive, but it is killing her. After a fight in the town of New Asgard, all the other children are abducted by Gorr’s shadow monsters. During the duration of the film, Thor and his small crew, Korg, Valkyrie, and Jane Foster, try to find allies to help them fight Gorr and save the children but fail as everyone they go to only wants to hide away. This leaves Thor and his small crew to stop Gorr and rescue the children by themselves. This leads to an epic battle between the children of Asgard and Thor vs Gorr and his monster army. Gorr manages to almost get to the rock of eternity and make his wish, but Thor, who is losing Jane to cancer, manages to persuade him to wish for love instead. Gorr comes to sanity and wishes for his daughter to be brought back to life. Gorr and Jane die, and Thor takes care of Gorr’s daughter for him. Thor becomes an adopted father and takes good care of her, and everything is wrapped nicely. While this movie was very bad for a lot of people, I thought that the movie was fun and a nice thing to watch with my family. I give this movie a 7/10

Last is probably the only Marvel project that I ultimately didn’t like, She-Hulk Attorney at Law. The series is about Jennifer Walters as she tries to navigate her life between being a hulk, a lawyer and a single 30-year-old. Throughout the show, she is trying to solve superhuman-related court cases and is trying to get a boyfriend. They show relies heavily on “women vs men” dialogue and it seems like very one-sided writing that gets very annoying. Even in the first episode, she explains to Bruce how much “easier” it is to control her anger because she is a woman. Even though Bruce has been running from the government for years because he was fighting over control of a body with a literal monster that was unable to be controlled. Also, she goes through almost no form of character development as she believes that she is perfect and that everyone should think so too. This drags this show down as the writing has lots of “Hollywood Feminism”. Meaning that the show must show women have higher power than men even though they ultimately are still undeveloped as characters and are ultimately good at stuff first try, even though they have no previous experience doing it. But one thing is will say I like is the cameos to random Marvel characters that I have never seen before. I give the show a 4/10.

This saga of Marvel has started off in a very bad place with its fans, but seeing what they have next, I am very excited to continue to watch. They have many things that fans have been waiting for like Guardians Vol.3, Fantastic 4, Deadpool 3, etc. And with Black Panther 2, the last movie of this phase, I’d like to see if they next few phases of this Multiverse sage can live up to expectations of what people expect.