Thoughts on my Cousin’s Path: An Interview with K.J Preston


Jojo Scott, Writer

Q1: How hard was your path through dual enrollment for you?

A1- “It wasn’t that challenging for me personally. It was a lot harder for others. Even though it had its bumps along the way I fought through it.”

Q2: How did you balance it with your personal life?

A2- “I found a way to balance it well between college and high school. It wasn’t as hard since I was already doing college and it was a lot more complex than high school. So, it wasn’t much harder for me to adjust and have more time to be with my friends and family.”

Q3: What exactly is your plan after college?

A3- “I plan to want to work in the cyber security field and depending on how long I want to do that, I might switch up to a more long-standing career like making comics or animation maybe. And hopefully, I can make that a real career that I can make for myself, but if it really comes down to it, I will stick to cyber security for a more financially secure job.”

Q4: What do you do outside of work or school?

A4- “Usually, I’m just in my room studying or doing homework. Besides that, I just chill in my apartment or hang out with friends. Sometimes I’ll go to a few club meetings but plans on getting more involved in stuff as I continue to go through college.”

Q5: When I asked you to help make a show what went through your head?

A5- “At first, I felt honored that you went out of your way to ask me to help you. It’s someone who asks me for help with something so important. And I am nothing but grateful that he is allowed to help me make your vision a reality. And it’s hard to help sometimes because I also had lots to do in my own stories and it’s hard to balance two storylines at once. But overall, it was nice to help you with yours.”

Q6: Did you ever feel pressured or stressed by your parents or bosses.

A6- On the parents’ side, of course. Being the principal’s child, many people had high expectations for me. I struggled a lot when it came to meeting their expectations, but as I got older, I grew into working on time management and meeting the expectations that were set. But the overall stress of school was there but work wasn’t hard due to it being as simple as it was. If anything, I’d say that work was a way to stay calm and focus more since I’m not really doing much, and it helps the brain flow.”

Q7: Do you feel like everything is in place for you going forward.

A7- I mean everything is pretty much set since I got out of high school and into college. Even though I’ve already had college experience, things kind of fell into order as they led up to be. But as long as I continue to know what I’m doing; everything will be fine.