The Start to the Football Season


Sydney Rhodes, Writer

The Cartersville Hurricane football season has officially kicked off! They have been preparing for the season since April with mat drills, conditioning exercises that help them mentally prepare for their upcoming games. The Canes worked hard all summer, waking up early Monday through Thursday to lift and build their strength. The first game played was the August 19 match against the Cherokee Warriors, with the Canes victorious at 35-0. Collin Fletcher scored the first touchdown, followed by Paul Gamble in connection with Romo Pace and Jaylen Scott, and Malachi Jefferies’ rush for two touchdowns. The next game was home against the Jonesboro Cardinals. The stands were packed, and school spirit was in the air, as it was the first game on Canes turf. Twenty-two out of thirty-seven players who played on defense got a defensive statistic and had a few fantastic touchdowns! Paul Gambill threw straight to Jamauri Brice, and he got a touchdown. Collin Fletcher scored a well-deserved touchdown in the second quarter when he pushed through three people to get to the line. He was so excited that he jumped onto the student section wall, making the coaches unhappy but causing a buzz in the crowd. The ending score was 38-16, marking a great start to the season for the Canes. They have given their all so far this season and are only improving.