Inspiring the Youth: A Profile of Mrs. Terry


Samael Morales, Writer

Tish Terry is a teacher at Cartersville High School. She decided to study teaching when she was in the 6th grade when her teacher, Mr. Sanders, encouraged her to stand in front of the class. “I was a shy kid,” she said. “The first time I stood in front of the class I cried.” Regardless of the embarrassment she must have felt, her teacher, Mr. Sanders, encouraged her to try again. This helped her decide on teaching as a career. Later, during her college years, she doubted her choice and worried about the money she would make as a teacher, so instead of teaching she decided to become an accountant. When she and her husband started their family, Mrs. Terry was not only a stay-at-home mom, but she also did the impressive act of going back and enrolling in night school to pursue her teaching career. Then she became a wonderful, inspiring teacher

Mrs. Terry’s biggest inspiration was not only her middle school teacher, Mr. Sanders, who was conservative and old school but also very engaging with his students. She also felt inspired and motivated by her high school teacher, Mrs. Supon, she was very eccentric and out there. Mrs. Terry stated that she “had never had a teacher like her.” Mrs. Supon encouraged young Mrs. Terry’s writing, which inspired Mrs. Terry to continue writing. These two teachers left a positive impact on her perspective and feelings for teaching. Along with that, Mrs. Terry also came from a lengthy line of teachers in her family who helped encourage her, like her great grandmother.

Just like the impact that was left on her, Mrs. Terry wishes to leave her mark on her students’ lives. However, she does not wish one of her students is famous so she can take advantage of their fame. Instead she wishes to leave any type of positivity that can encourage her students. “One day if there are any students I’ve taught, if one of them saw me as someone who made a difference, I would feel like I really accomplished something, because it is all about the positive impact.” Her priority of making sure her students have a sense of accomplishment and confidence feeds her wish to be able to make a difference in smaller ways. “If I can help someone become a happier, confident person that’s impacting the world.”

“Just write,” Mrs. Terry explains that the process of writing can be paralyzing, but once the writing starts you will be able to find your voice. “Just start, that is the hard part.” She explains that sometimes she would stare at a blank page and think “I don’t know how to start” and that feeling would last until she began writing and pouring words out onto those pages.

Mrs. Terry, regardless of anything, would not change anything about her career choice since she has already been able to go back and change her career choices. She did not feel happy or connected with her accounting career. It did not make her feel accomplished and instead filled her with a bland emotion. Her teaching career here at Cartersville High School–where she has always taught–however, has made her happier. She is now content with her job and community. She enjoys her surroundings and working environment and would not change her choice.