The Fall of Charli D’amelio


Jacqueline Vargas, Writer

Today, Charli Damelio is perhaps the most famous person on Tiktok, with more than 140.9 million followers. However, her account has almost become a ghost town in recent months, with no more than a couple of videos a week. Perhaps the glamorous life of popularity and fame was too much to bear. After all the scandalous drama she and her family have gone through, perhaps her reign of popularity is over.

Charli Damelio gained popularity on the platfrom Tiktok towards the end 2019. Her videos of her dancing gained popularity with many viewers, and before she knew it, Charli Damelio had accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers overnight. Dancing had always been a big part of her life, so making TikTok dance videos was natural. Her first scandal came in November of 2019 when she announced she was having a meet and greet for a hundred dollars a ticket if fans wanted to make a TikTok with her. Many of her followers were enraged because the TikTok star was trying to scam people. That was not Charli’s intention, so she sent out an apology saying that all the proceeds were going towards her sick friend. This is the first of many scandals to come for the young influencer.

Charli Damelio continued to gain more followers, and by February 2020, she became the first person to reach 50 million followers and then soon 100 million in November of 2020. Many TikTok users were upset when the star surpassed Loren Gray after being the most famous account on Tiktok’s former platform, During the pandemic, many influencers were seen partying and disregarding CDC guidelines, and Charli Damelio was one of them. She apologized, and many fans forgave her, but then she began hanging out with Nakita Dragun and James Charles, which caused even more backlash. In 2021, Charli’s life became private. She had reconciled with her ex-boyfriend “Lil Huddy,” and both stars decided to keep their relationship out of the public eye. In September 2021, Hulu announced that Charli and her family were supposed to star in a reality show about their lives.

Charlie has been in the spotlight for about three years now, so it makes sense if she would like to take a step out of the spotlight and focus on herself. In an interview with her sister Dixie, the star explained that she felt the amount of hate she received was too much. She also spoke out about losing many friends in the process. She stated she never intends to leave the app but wants to focus more on things besides Tiktok, like her acting and fashion.