Marvel Versus D.C. World War 3


Tyler Phillips, Writer

It all started when I was alone. “Come on, come on, pick up, pick up,” I said as I tried to get Mr. Stark on the phone. “Girl-Friend alert, girl-friend alert,” my ringtone for Mary Jane going off. Then my suit lady, Karen, asked me, “Would you like to answer, and use hands-free mode.” ” Yes Karen, please,” I answered Karen. Then M.J. started yelling at me,” Peter, where are you? The lab ceremony started 30 minutes ago.” “I know I’m running late,” I said calmly. “I’ll be there in 45 minutes or less, bye. I guess I’ll have to call Mr. Stark later,” I said as my spider-sense tingled.

As I saw it, I think I just flipped over The Bat Man’s Tumbler and dodged a Green Lantern’s green hammer. Also, seeing Tony posing while his armor comes flying on to his body. ” Wait a minute, whoa. Can you, ” I said surprised as I got interrupted by him. After, he interrupted me, he told me to spread, at the same time Batman told Green Lantern to follow me. Afterwards, he threw me into motel window.




“There’s never enough time, ” I said while relaxing sitting on the wall, eating pizza, listening to my own theme song. “🎼Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can,” My phone sang. Then, I threw the pizza, and the table at Green Lantern and said, “YOU LIKE THAT.” After that I spun a grappling web, and aimed it at him, so he would come to me. Once I pulled him to me, I kicked him in the face. Then, we flew through the air, fighting. Before, we hit the ground, I spun 2 grappling webs to web-zip Green Lantern. Fifteen seconds later, both me and Green Lantern were knocked out on the ground. Also, I only caught a glimpse of who was about to kill me.

As I started to awaken, I caught a little bit more of another glimpse of who was about to kill me. It looked like he had a glass helmet, in a green suit, with a green axe. While I was about to be killed, Tony was kicking Bat-Man’s butt. In town, it was war. There was Captain America against Wonder Woman. Dead-Pool battling Death Stroke.

“You know sometimes, I think you’re there, and sometimes you’re just messing with me. You KNOW WHAT NOT, WELL NOT GONNA HAPPEN, PARTNER,” Dead-Pool said as he aimed his gun to Death Stroke’s head, as Death Stroke reloaded his gun before he shot Dead-Pool. Right after he reloaded his gun, he shot him. As Dead-Pool got shot, he said “Ouchy.”


Now, back to what I was saying. There was Bane competing Hulk, Flash against Quick Silver, Hawkeye versus Green Arrow. Ant-Man fighting Atom Smasher, Ice-Man against Killer Frost. Right before I was about to be killed, someone with black webs, web-zipped him away. As tried and failed to get up, I got symbiote on me. While the symbiote slime was forming a suit on me, I said, “Eddie, No.”

While the other ninnies were bickering, Eddie was helping me get used to the suit. Afterwards, Thor came down to my team. He said, “Accept thy defeat. Thor, God of thunder. For Asgard! ” Then I jumped over everyone on my team and said, “Get ready for a world of pain!” That’s when we went to war!

2 months later, New York was torn to shreds. War was still happening. Both heroes and villains were hurt. There were blood puddles everywhere. There was debris from cars, broken building, houses. Super-Man battling Thor, Green Lantern against Iron-Man. Flash fighting Quick Silver.

” Looks like crap out there,” I said while sitting behind a broken-down car.

“Hey Web-head. Ready to bust some skulls,” Logan asked me as we started to jump over the car. A minute later, I was battling Bat-Man, and Wolverine was against Joker. Fifteen minutes later, no one was battling Lex Luthor. So, he decided he was going to shoot Captain America. Right before he was going to shoot the Cap., Thor switched people. It looked like he was battling a kid, but when the kid said, “SHAZAM” He became a guy that had a yellow thunder bolt as his logo, and red all over his suit as the background color. Then, Thor grabbed his hammer and try to hit him with it, but Shazam uppercut him and choked him.

Back to what I’m doing, at the same time Cap was about to get shot, my Spidey-sense tingled about at the same time I yelled and jumped to block him from getting shot,” Captain America look out!” 3 seconds later, I was dead (for now) on the ground.

      As soon I was on the ground the symbiote suit disappeared into thin air. 

    Then, Bat-Man said, “What did you do Luthor?” 

    After that, Wolverine and Captain America came right over to me, and I coughed and said, “Guys, finish this battle. Do it for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. ”

   Then Logan started to get angrier and angrier, then he yelled, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. ”

    Then Cap took his helmet off and Wolverine said as he stood up, “You just made the biggest mistake of your life. ”

   Then everyone on team Marvel got heart craving mad. Iron Man came in with a Hulk Buster with kryptonite (Superman’s weakness), and blasted it with him because without Superman, D.C. would be nothing. Super Man was the one of the main people of D.C.

    A few hours later, Iron-Man said with pixelated words in front of his face, “Once again Earth’s Mightiest heroes win again.” It turns out it was just a video game played by Batman and Me. That’s when I started to insult Batman, I said some stuff like ” yeesh I didn’t need my Spidey-sense to know that you lost, ” Then the little bobble head Deadpool said, “Ouchy, loser, loser, loser,” Then Bat Man yelled, ” WHERE’S HARLEY.” Then I just webbed his mouth closed.




                                 The End

                                 (for now)