Guilty Love

Guilty Love

Jade Najarro, Writer

If love is supposed to
make you foolish,
then you’ve made a fool out of me

Over and over again

Whenever I’m with you,
my soul feels alive.
Set ablaze with my love for you

A love that you turned into a weapon

Your rough palms
know just where to press
to make my knees weak

Know how to wrap me around your finger

Whenever we kiss,
it feels like heaven to me.
Like drops of ambrosia against my lips

But all you care about is shutting me up

Our kisses must
feel dull to you,
don’t they?

You’ve never cared for dull things

I want our love
to stay strong.
So, so badly

Do you?

Have you ever loved me
the same way that
I love you?

I think I already know your answer

My head screams
at me to leave.
To leave you

But my heart always chooses to stay

What can I say?
You’ve made me into your
lovesick fool