falling for you.

falling for you.

Khloe Mitchell, Writer

I adjusted my gaze, so I could imprint your smile in my mind.

My ears gently tuned out everything but the sound of your laughter,

They were eager to pull such a bountifully beautiful sound into a warm embrace.

If only you knew…

I was falling for you.


I dreamt of the day our lips would collide,

Like stars do when they descend upon the unknown.

Until then, I will hold out all five fingers to connect with yours,

As my body harasses my mind to engrave the feeling into memory.

I wish you knew…

I was falling for you.


At last, I was soaking in the gentle touch of your rough hands,

That painted passion across my face.

My heart danced and exploded with colorful joy, like fireworks in the infinite sky.

We breathed each other in and became one, as if we would never dare to love again.

In that moment, you knew…

I had fallen for you.


Our hearts were in the dark, while at that moment, we realized we wouldn’t love again.

A barricade seized the words from our mouths,

But if you discovered what my subliminal mind was desperately howling…

You would drown with pain.

I am stranded with your imprinted laughter, and the memory of your touch, but,

Even with just my thoughts, if only you knew…

I’m still falling for you.