Big Beautiful Brown Eyes

Big Beautiful Brown Eyes

Autumn Cooley, Writer

The tell a story that’s sad but true

I wish I could understand the pain they went through

Time after time I tried to find

A way for them to let me inside

Maybe it’s the way they sparkle in the light

Or maybe it’s the way they yearn for sight

Those big beautiful brown eyes I want to kiss goodnight


As tomorrow comes and the moon lay still

I close my eyes and see you unfulfilled

You could say I have savior syndrome

Cause I want to rescue you, bring you where you belong

Your eyes tell a story

A story of how you need me

And your big beautiful brown eyes will I retrieve


We might not ever meet

My imagination has taken over reality

But if we find our way to each other

I promise the pain you café will never be a bother

Until that point

In my dreams you will stay

And those big beautiful brown eyes will never stray