A Collection of My Childhood Animal Stories

A Collection of My Childhood Animal Stories

Maria Mir, Writer

The cat with bright green eyes


It was another cold muggy school day in December, as I got out of the car, I watched how the thick, grey clouds glazed over the car window, I looked over my shoulder as I slipped on my bag pack and saw a black and white cat 5 cars down from where I parked, I looked with awe and desire to pet it, but I was hesitant because they usually run away when approached. As I make my way to pet the cat I talk softly, I reach out my hand, her nose meets my fingertips, her bright green eyes fixated on my finger slowly making it towards my eyes.

I woke up from my dream as I felt something soft and fluffy pressed against me. She meows at me as I get up and I stumble towards the pantry to give her cat food. Her bright green eyes look up at me this time she brushes her head on my ankle and purrs. She watches carefully how the feather goes back in forth, her bright green eyes are no longer bright they have become fully black then, BAAM she pounces on the toy as she rolls around with it.

As night falls, I stare at the moon outside my bedroom window, I wonder how I even got a cat in the first place or where she came from, but all I think about is that day, on a cold muggy school day in December and that cat with bright green eyes.

Fluffy the Spotted goldfish and others

I sit and stare at my father’s large tank filled with 11 spotted goldfish. I watch how they glid through clear, gravity less water, how their fins flutter as if they are flying in the air.  I remember fluffy a particular spotted goldfish, her eyes glistened with iridescent greens and blue. Her mouth used to open and close as if she was blowing kisses. When I was little, I used to put my hand in the tank, Fluffy and the others would glid through the crevasse my hand tickling me with their fluttering fins. I came home from the park and ran to fluffy and the other’s tank and hugged it as what my 4-year-old brain thought, fluffy and the others hugged me back with their fluttering fins.

Mimi the yellow parakeet and her friend Tiki

I walked into the pet store, the pungent smell of all animals at once coming at my face overwhelmed my senses. My eyes fall over the bird section as I see what seems to be a bunch of parakeets running in circles. I beg my mom to get one and she complied we pick out a cage and toys, then the big moment comes as we pick out a parakeet, I see a bright yellow one (Mimi) with red eyes, automatically I think of Pikachu. So, the pet store employee scoops her up and puts her in a box, I look over and see a lonely albino parakeet(Tiki), I ask the employee why he was alone and he proceeds to say how he was returned because he was not colorful enough for the previous family I asked my mom if we can also get him she hesitated when I told her how he was overlooked of his worth, she gave in as the store employee also scooped the up the white parakeet I did not care if it was not colorfully enough, I knew that his personality would definitely overshine him.

The snow leopard

It was another day in New York at the Bronx Zoo. It was a sunny day; we entered the gates as I sip my Cona ice from the stands. We make our way towards the turtles, then the Capybaras, the parrots as well as the exotic Monkeys. Soon we almost forgot to go to the central Asia part of the zoo, just as we were making our way towards the enclosure of the snow leopard, I see a shaggy shadow creep behind a bush then, the snow leopard struts out from the bush. It walks with eloquence with careful paws. The eyes of the snow leopard were piercing its grey and blue eyes looking at every individual’s eyes as if it were searching for something and just like that as it entered with grace it left from our view with grace.