Kill a Word: Review


Connor Bell, Writer

This song starts with a hypothetical statement that shows how Church feels about the world. Over the first section of the song Church states how he would get rid of certain words. Starting with “never” and “goodbye”. This leads the listener to wonder if these are the two main words that he has a vandetta against.

In the next group of lyrics Church wants to dispose of “fear”, “lonely” and “hate”. With every word Church wants to kill he gets more and more detailed in how he wants to do it. This leads the listener to believe that with every word that comes to mind for Church is he going through more and more suffering or pain with each word. Church keeps listing words such as; “Brokeness”, “heartbreak”, “disgrace”, “over”, “temptation”, “evil”, “vice, vile, hostile”. At the end of the song and in the corus Church states, “Now, give me sticks, give me stones, Bend my body, break my bones, Use staff and rod to turn me black and blue, ‘Cause you can’t unhear, you can’t unsay.” The listener starts to think things along the lines of “Even if he gets beaten he will still want to do the right thing and get rid of these words so no one else has to feel the pain that he has felt.

Overall, Kill A Word by Eric Church is a wonderful song. It shows how words can cause damage even if you dont physically feel it. It also shows how words can stay with a man until he wants to end them all.