Partners P.F.C. Garnigan and Deputy Nathan Gifford Sit for an Interview


Tyler Phillips, Writer

Most Officers get a bad outlook because of what happened with George Floyd, but should we judge police officers just because of what one did? (I know there are worse police officers’ situations, but that is the main one). Partners P.F.C. Garnigan and Deputy Nathan Gifford set a good example to police officers and resource officers alike everywhere in Georgia. Garnigan and Gifford are both resource officers at Cartersville High School, and they are funny. But one of them I relate to their nerdy side.

Deputy Gifford states, “I’m a Bat-Man fan.” He and I continue to conversate about Bat-Man for about 5 minutes. On the topic of Bat-Man, Gifford explained vigilantism and its leniency,

“So the issue is; Georgia is a stand-your-ground-state, which means you don’t have to run away, you can stand up for yourself, but kind of where the grey area is; I don’t know how to give you a straight answer, people want to interject into situations to try to help somebody else, and ultimately because they maybe trying to help doesn’t recognize them as a helpful person or individual, it kind of muddies the water. It causes more problems than good. The best thing to do is… call, be a good witness, take down notes “(3)

Whereas Garnigan said there is zero tolerance against it, representing a different answer. They both have a favorite part of the job but said it differently.

Garnigan states, “I would definitely have to say is helping those that are in need of my services.”

Gifford states, “Probably people, getting to interact with different people every day… sometimes you get the opportunity to help people. Meet new people, I would say is one of my favorite thing, and being able to help somebody.” (1)

One of the main things that we stereotype police officers for is the mind set and all of them have the same one. Gifford explained what the mindset is supposed to be like:

“What it should be, I guess, it should be to be a servant, to be subservient, … you should always try to help people, even if you are not going to get anything out of it. Even if what your doing doesn’t benefit You, and there’s no return on your investment to them A lot of people like only help people that is going to help them, if its going to help them in the long run… Some people think you need to have a warrior mindset, but that’s not necessarily true, you need a have a subservient mindset.” (4)

P.F.C. Garnigan gave a shorter but reliable answer, “It should, be to treat everybody fairly, serve and protect.” (8)

Fun Fact- The Cops and donuts analogy started in the 50’s. Cop were up all night, and barely anything was open except coffee shops that served donuts. So they always thought cops like donuts but not all of them do. On the topics of cops and stereotypes, we should not classify all cops on what one bad one did. Like these guy, they make a difference in the young adult life just by being here. They are always helpful and nice. They set a good example for cops everywhere.