Indigenous Peoples Day


Maura Finnegan, Writer

On October 11th Indigenous Peoples Day passed. President Biden proclaimed October 11th as Indigenous Peoples Day. Despite this I still saw commercials for “Columbus Day sales!” saw posts on social media screaming at me “Happy Columbus Day!” Columbus day was proclaimed for the first time in 1892 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Italian-born explorer Christopher Columbus’s supposed discovery of America. This so called “discovery of America” took place over fifteen thousand years after what is believed to be the arrival of the Native Americansin America. In 1492 Christopher Columbus arrived in what he thought were the East Indies, however he had landed on a Caribbean Island. Due to his mistake he referred to the natives as “Indians.” His “discovery of America” led to centuries of mistreatment directed toward Indigenous people. Indigenous people are still mistreated in land that was stolen from them. People still celebrate the men who killed and raped the millions of indigenous people who arrived long before them. Indigenous people deserve better. My hope is that next year i’ll hear more people celebrating Indigenous peoples day and less celebrating someone guilty of many horrible offenses.