An Interview with Paris Fry


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Joaquin Holcomb, Writer

I’m not a stranger to having a guardian that’s not my own mother and neither is my cousin Paris. For Paris’s entire life she has lived with her grandmother. Only going to her mother’s house on special occasions or on weekends is convenient for her mother. I decided to interview her about what it was like living away from her mother when she was younger and what it’s like to live with her grandmother.

Was it stressful being away from your mom being so young:

“Yeah, it was hard seeing her post my siblings doing fun things while I was at home missing out.”

How often would you get to see your mother:

“Mainly on holidays and during the summer.”

Do you think you would be better off today if you stayed with your mother instead of your grandmother:

“No, I think growing up with my grandmother gave me a different perspective of parenting and I’m glad I got to stay with someone who prioritized my well-being.”

What is living with your grandmother like:

“Sometimes living with an older person was hard but for the most part it was just as good as living with a parent.”

Was it stressful for you to live in a house full of kids with not much room:

“Yes, it was always kinda loud and hectic in the house with everyone there and all the stuff grandma had didn’t really make it any easier.”