Sources of Strength at CHS


Jade Najarro, Writer

Sources of Strength is a youth suicide prevention program that has been implemented in schools and communities across the country, including our very own Cartersville High School. At CHS, Sources of Strength focuses on mental health awareness, helping students through rough times in their lives, and giving them a place to belong. Mrs. Moore, the lead advisor, helps sponsor and run the club. There are various other sponsors, such as Mrs. Rentz, Seniora Perez, and Ms. Tornincasa, to name a few.

The club was founded several years ago, after the unexpected passing of a student. Friends of the student decided that the school needed something that would help support them and others after his death. Eventually, a group called Simply 4 You was made to help various students of CHS. Over the years, Simply 4 You was converted into Sources of Strength. With the new implementation, the group gained more resources and training that would help them reach out to more students.

Every Friday at 7:45 am, the club holds drop-in meetings, where anyone can come and hang out and talk with fellow students, regardless if they are in the club or not. Members of the club also attend meetings once a month to discuss a specific goal that they have in mind. Sources of Strength holds various campaigns and activities throughout the year, which help members get involved with their peers, school, and community.

Some of their campaigns include a Trusted Advisor campaign, which has members talk about trusted adults in their lives. They also do a Thankfulness campaign, which has members running the Thanksgiving food drive.

Sources of Strength also provides a scholarship for students who have been in the group for two years or longer. Eligible members will be able to apply for this scholarship at the end of their senior year. To be able to join the club, students need to be nominated by a teacher or another student who is already in the club. Despite this, the club always welcomes anybody who is interested in coming to check it out.

Over the next school year, Sources of Strength members will become more involved with their environment and give back to their community. Already, the club is working on a Thankful Campaign, which is to show thanks to our school custodians. Members have already created and decorated goodie bags full of snacks which they then delivered to the custodians.

Not only that, but this month on September 22nd, there will be training for members to become peer advisors, which are students who promote wellness and help others who might be struggling emotionally. This training will last for 4-6 hours and involve lots of discussion, activities, brainstorming, and games.

When asked what her vision was for Sources of Strength, lead advisor Mrs. Moore responded, “My vision is that it lasts for a long time because we all need someone to help us… We’re not alone in this, and my goal with Ms. Tornicasa and Mrs. Rentz and Seniora Perez and our other advisors is to see students realize that they’re a lot stronger than they know they are.”