SeaWorld’s Animal Exploitations

SeaWorlds Animal Exploitations

Maria Mir, Writer

SeaWorld’s animal exploitations have not been new Amaya an orca at SeaWorld San Diego has Died at 6 years old of age. On August 19, 2021 Killer whale dies suddenly at SeaWorld San Diego (

Tilikum, an Orca that starred in Blackfish had been changed from a 22-foot long and 12,500-pound apex predator into a show for human exploitation. Many people know the famous “killer whale” shows at SeaWorld, but do you know how they get there? Orca capture techniques include using nets, high speed boats and under water explosives. When Orca capturing became regulated in the United States the hunters moved to Iceland to set up traps. However why didn’t they stop there? Were the hunters desperate or was the CEO greedy for business?

You would think Tilikum, and other orcas were being fed meals, right? Well, that could be far from the truth. Tilikum, shamu and the other 29 whales at the park were only fed one fish per trick. To contradict any dehydration and mineral insufficiency suffered from eating only thawed frozen fish, the orcas at SeaWorld are frequently offered gelatin, which is mostly water, as an artificial way to provide them with sufficient freshwater. Feeding Orcas gelatin is not natural. Gelatin is made from animal bones which could spread misinformation to people who go there.

A former SeaWorld trainer by the name of John Hargrove, elucidates his first acquaintance of “falling in love with Orcas.” John also accentuates how captivity tarnishes, impoverishes and exploits their lives. According to the article on National Geographic Orcas have the same mental capacity as a human, a report moment a killer whale jumped from its enclosure to commit suicide, according to a video on YouTube and onlookers at the park. The video of Morgan the orca was captured by a tourist at Loro Parque in Tenerife. … But park experts said the “whale’s behavior in the medical tank was normal.”

What are the negative physical and psychological effects of confinement/training on Orcas? John Hargrove responds by saying “I wish it wasn’t that way. It would make my life so much easier if I could say that those animals are thriving in captivity, living happy and enriched lives. Unfortunately, after all the years of experience that I had, I saw the psychological and physical trauma that results from captivity. A massive corporate entity is exploiting the hell out of the whales and the trainers. You are nothing more than a number on a sheet, and if the moment arises, you will be thrown under the bus and even blamed for your own death.”  What he means is that the whales are treated nothing but a number on sheet for attendance and identification and when it comes to the whale dying or a trainer who gets brutally killed by a whale the whale gets blamed, but people fail to acknowledge that this is an apex predator that had predatory instincts in their biological DNA.

Does SeaWorld take legal action against those who speak out about there exploitations? John Hargrove says “SeaWorld started to threaten me with legal action back in November. Luckily, I have great attorneys at Macmillan. I also hired my own legal team because I know SeaWorld very well. They are bullies who for decades have silenced trainers who threatened to speak out. But I’m not going to be silenced. I have a right to speak about my life and my experiences, and I’m not going to let a corporation like SeaWorld try to shut me up. I live in America, and I have a First Amendment right. So, I made sure I have the people on my team to protect those rights.’’

your parents would cover you up with sunscreen, so you wouldn’t get burned right? Well at SeaWorld most of the orcas have severe sunburns according to a online article. In nature Orcas spend 95% of their time in deep ocean depths to avoid the bright sun. The pools at SeaWorld may seem big for us but the Orcas at SeaWorld only live in a shallow pool which are too small for them which doesn’t allow them to swim to deep depths to avoid the sun resulting in peeling and stinging sunburns, which the chorine in the pool makes worse. So what do they do to hide the fact that they have burns? Well SeaWorld workers cover the burns with black zinc oxide which matches their skin color, but they only do this when they have scheduled shows to hide burns from the public and not when Orcas need it constantly.

Last but not certainly least SeaWorld’s workers, trainers and marine biologist are not educated  they are “Fed” lines and partake in rehearsals that they intend to portray on their behalf as a certain “aesthetic“ to amuse a crowd for money. At the end of the day isn’t money their main goal projection?