The Issue With Bathroom Passes


Meredith Gaines, Writer

Bathroom pass policies should be done away with. Bathroom passes are created to keep students in the classroom. I understand some students abuse the restroom but giving students a limited number of bathrooms passes is not the correct route to go about dealing with bathroom passes. Limited bathroom passes can put pressure on a student, and it is unhealthy. Many student athletes need to hydrate. Some student athletes are drinking two to three bottles of water a day. It is not safe for a student to not go to the restroom. It is also not okay for a student to not drink water. If a student is not properly hydrated, then health concerns arise. Sports that are played at the beginning of the year often include being outside in the upper eighty-degree weather and into the nineties A student may pass out or suffer from dehydration all because they felt they could not use the bathroom. If a teacher must use bathroom passes, then they should not attach incentives to them. They should give a realistic number of passes. Limited passes and passes with attached incentives should only be used when absolutely necessary.